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All Them Young Guns

(older photo)

(older photo)

Young Guns. A term that has gained recent popularity in the NBA due to Uncle Drew and Pepsi Maxs’ ingenious marketing campaign. In this campaign Uncle Drew, played by Kyrie Irving, goes to street courts in various areas dressed as an elder gentleman and plays some pick up ball. In recent additions to the series they have added a Robin to Kyries’ Superman, in Kevin Love.Young Guns he calls his competition.

I call ‘Young Guns’ future stars and the future face of the Association in some cases. From here on out I will be starting a new series evaluating the “Young Guns” of the league. I will do player profiles on young players ranging from their 1-4 years in the league that I believe have very bright futures, all the way up to future all stars. In these profiles I will take a look at the player’s current team and future outlook based on projected development and analysis. These will not be quick developments because I will be looking at players collegiate stats, combine, current averages, minutes, knowledge from NBA analysts, developments, and add additions to each player as monumental games or events take place in their respective careers.

Naturally, after games like last night where Golden State’s very own Stephen Curry dropped 54 points (11-13 from the 3) on the Knicks in MSG, I would be writing this article on him. But I am a Jazz fan and got my idea for the series through writing an article based on the Jazz and our youth. Without further ado, check out the linked videos, and the Jazz article will be following today.

Highlights from Stephen Currys’ 54 point explosion

Uncle Drew part 1

Uncle Drew part 2






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