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The long awaited negotiations between Superbowl MVP Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens have finally come to an agreement. The agreed amount came to be $120.6 million six year deal which will make Flacco the highest paid NFL player in history. The final language must be worked out, but the the majority of the deal is already to go. The final signatures some come Monday.

Flacco just finished his rookie contract in the conclusion of this season. Flacco with his 63 wins, claims the most regular season wins by a QB in his first five season. He also tied Tom Brady for the most post season wins with 9 in the same time frame, going  9-4.

Joe brings in the big bucks with this contract beating out even the most highly sought out quarterbacks in the league. Drew Brees was previously the highest paid player in the league bring in around $20 million a year. Tom Brady meanwhile took a pay cutting extension over the next 3 years where he will make $27 million.

He also had a great season leading to it all throwing 22 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. In his 5 year career thus far Flacco has thrown for 102 touchdowns. The Ravens made a great run to their Superbowl lead by Flacco. In the postseason Joe had an impressive run which featured 11 touchdown passes with zero interceptions and threw 1,140 yards. Could we possibly forget about two great games against a couple of the best quarterbacks in the league.

While Joe might not crack the majority of analysts top 5 he’s certainly within the top 10. How does a deal like this affect the  upcoming free agent quarterbacks? Has to set the bar a little higher for what’s expected.

In the meanwhile the Ravens can turn their attention to resigning veterans Ed Reed, Paul Kruger, and Bryant McKinnie. Would hate to see the likes of Reed take his business elsewhere.

Well Joe you’ve got your big deal, don’t go out and start playing like a schmuck. Just because you’re making the big bucks doesn’t mean you should ever stop playing like a rookie quarterback with something to prove. Follow in the footsteps of the greats before you.

Author: Tyler Arnold

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