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Keep On Dancing Cinderella

Our one true Cinderella team in the tournament Florida Gulf Coast is at it again. After their surprising first round upset of Georgetown, the Eagles are flying high. Their magic has continued with their latest victory, overthrowing the Aztecs of San Diego State. The Eagles who beat the Hoyas by 10 have also now beaten the Aztecs by 10, kind of a big deal. They become the first 15 seed to advance to the Sweet Sixteen.

Florida Gulf Coast v San Diego State

The Eagles looked early as though they could be in some trouble here, but considering they’re fighting against a technically better team, they were hanging in this game the entire time. They started out getting an early lead only to lose and spend the remainder the rest of the half in a back and forth with the Aztecs. SDSU pulled away shortly before half but the Eagles came roaring back to be within 1 at the break.

In the first 5 minutes of the second half it was a continuation of the back and forth battle. By the 10 minute mark the Eagle had a 2 point lead and they were going on a run that the Aztecs would be left in the dust of.  FGCU went on a 17-0 run carrying over the next 6 minutes. By the time the Aztecs were to regain themselves it was too late. Down 17 with 4 minutes to go the Eagles weren’t letting this one go. They held on for the win with a final score of 81-71.

Florida Gulf Coast did everything they could right yet again. They shot well going 33-59 for 55.9% and 7-18 from deep for 38.9%. They rebound well enough grabbing 27 boards, although were surprisingly out battled on the boards. They moved the ball exceptionally well gathering 21 assists as a team. They bumped the defense up and smothered the Aztecs collecting 13 steals and 5 blocks. Can’t really ask for more in a big game.

We saw some great team play with 5 players in double digit figure scoring. Their star Sherwood Brown was not quiet on the court and shot 5-14 for 10 points, also had 8 rebounds.


Also had a great showing from Brenard Thompson who scored 23 points shooting 9-15 and 2-6 from deep. He alone had 5 steals and was just frustrating to have to try and take the ball past.

This team is magical and if you haven’t watched them yet this tournament shame on you! You have another chance but you’ve missed some great games from this squad. At this point with numerous brackets thrown out the window, you now have your fan favorite, because who doesn’t love an upset.  Cinderella dances on.


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Author: Tyler Arnold

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