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Preview and Predictions for the Chicago Bears 2013-2014 Season

The new NFL season is quickly approaching, and will be here before we know it. There are a lot of people wondering about the Chicago Bears’ schedule, so I decided to make some predictions about their season game by game. Here I will be providing the dates, times, and predicted results of every game on the Bears’ schedule. Let’s get started!

Game One: September 8th, 12 PM CT on CBS

Who: Chicago Bears Vs. Cincinnati Bengals

What: The Bears will open their season at home against a very good Bengals team. These teams are pretty evenly matched, with the Bengals relying on an explosive air game against a stout Bears secondary. The Bears’ offense is no joke either, and the Bengals defense has improved significantly over the past few years. This will most likely be a grind it out game, with the Bengals barely coming out with the win, starting the Bears season on a sour note.

Score: Bears 17-20 Bengals

Key Stat: Charles Tillman acquires 7 tackles, and an interception.

Record: (0-1)



Game Two: September 15th, 12 PM CT on FOX

Who: Chicago Bears Vs. Minnesota Vikings

What: The Vikings will look to continue their success from last season that saw them make the playoffs, and Adrian Peterson run for over 2,000 yards. After a pretty great draft, Minnesota looks like one of the favorites in the NFC once more, and the Bears will be one of their main challengers for a playoff spot. The Bears will be looking to send a message, and their loss from week one will have them looking for revenge. Look for AP to run for 150 or more yards, and a couple scores, but he will have no other offensive help.

Score: Bears 24-14 Vikings

Key Stat: Matt Forte runs for 110 yards and a touchdown, and catches another touchdown.

Record: (1-1)


Game Three: September 22nd, 7:30 PM CT on NBC

Who: Chicago Bears At Pittsburgh Steelers

What: Pittsburgh had a disappointing year in 2012, going just 8-8. They’re looking to bounce back this year, and will be looking for a big home win here early in the season. The Bears have struggled against the Steelers recently, especially in Pittsburgh, but I don’t see the Steelers having the fire power to put together anything more than an average season. The Bears should win this one, but it will be close.

Score: Bears 17-13 Steelers

Key Stat: Jay Cutler tosses 2 touchdowns to go along with 270 yards through the air.

Record: (2-1)



Game Four: September 29th, 12 PM CT on FOX

Who: Chicago Bears At Detroit Lions

What: The Detroit Lions acquired another high draft slot in this past draft thanks to a 4-12 season after making the playoffs two years ago. Thanks to playing in one of, if not the most competitive conference in the NFL, the Lions will be fighting to try to get back into relevance. After going 0-6 against the NFC North last year, the Lions will keep losing here, with the game being played in typical Bears vs. Lions fashion. A low scoring affair will see the Bears victorious in the end.

Score: Bears 14-10 Lions

Key Stat: Julius Peppers outperforms any player on the Lions’ defensive line with 2.5 sacks on the day.

Record: (3-1)


Game Five: October 6th, 12 PM CT on FOX

Who: Chicago Bears Vs. New Orleans Saints

What: New Orleans is the third straight team with a disappointing 2012 year on the Bears schedule. The Saints went 7-9 last season without head coach Sean Payton. The Saints should enjoy a bounce back season this year, shoring up their defense and continue to get a lot of yards through the air. The Saints continuos passing attack will plague the Bears, and in the end, New Orleans will win a high scoring game.

Score: Bears 27-35 Saints

Key Stat: Jay Cutler does his best Drew Brees impression, passing for 300 yards and three touchdowns.

Record: (3-2)


Game Six: October 10th, 7:25 PM CT on NFL Network

Who: Chicago Bears Vs. New York Giants

What: After four days, the Bears hit the gridiron again against the dangerous New York Giants. Eli Manning and company will come in firing on all cylinders, while the Bears will still be pretty tired from their loss to the Saints. Unfortunately, this combination will lead to the Bears’ second straight loss, as they will helplessly fall to the Giants.

Score: Bears 13-30 Giants

Key Stat: Matt Forte finds it in him to run for 105 yards and an early touchdown.

Record: (3-3)



Game Seven: October 20th, 12 PM CT on FOX

Who: Chicago Bears At Washington Redskins

What: After 10 days of rest, but the sour taste of losing still in their mouths, the Bears will look to go out on the road and steal a game from the Redskins. While Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III is always a threat when healthy, the Bears should be fairly capable of slowing down his explosiveness, and the rest of the Redskins offense, in what will be a hard fought game that goes down to the wire.

Score: Bears 23- 17 Redskins

Key Stat: Robbie Gould connects on 3-3 field goals including a 50-yard shot in the fourth.

Record: (4-3)


Game Eight: November 4th, 7:40 PM CT on ESPN

Who: Chicago Bears At Green Bay Packers

What: After a bye week, the Bears travel to Wisconsin to face the Green Bay Packers. Green Bay got a lot better with their excellent draft, and while they will miss Charles Woodson, they will still be one of the favorites in the NFC. Aaron Rodgers just got paid a lot of money to lead this team back to the Super Bowl, and the Packers will be expecting to win a lot of games this year. This will be one of those games, as the Packers will take a commanding lead to start the game, and never give it up.

Score: Bears 17-38 Packers

Key Stat: Brandon Marshall catches 10 balls for 104 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Record: (4-4)


Game Nine: November 10th, 12 PM CT on FOX

Who: Chicago Bears Vs. Detroit Lions

What: Detroit comes into Chicago for these two teams’ second matchup of the year. After losing to the Packers, the Bears will be in survival mode, making sure they do not lose twice in a row to NFC North teams. Look for a pretty big blowout here, as the Lions will get run over by the Bears’ defense and offense. Matthew Stafford will find himself on the ground more often than the Lions find the endzone, and the Bears will carve up the Lions’ secondary en route to a big win.

Score: Bears 33-17 Lions

Key Stat: Jay Cutler throws for two touchdowns, and runs in for another score while totaling 290 total yards.

Record: (5-4)


Game Ten: November 17th, 12 PM CT on CBS

Who: Chicago Bears Vs. Baltimore Ravens

What: The Defending Super Bowl champions roll into Chicago week eleven looking a lot different than they did last year. After losing key pieces like Ray Lewis, and Ed Reed has left the Ravens without the same defensive leadership they have had for the past decade. Also, with Joe Flacco taking up a large chunk of the pay roll, they were not able to make any huge splashes in free agency. Still, they will be competitive with Flacco and Ray Rice on offense, as well as Terrell Suggs on defense. Flacco is not what you would call a regular season quarterback, however, and I expect him to struggle against the Bears’ tough defense, and the Bears to come out with a big home victory.

Score: Bears 30-23 Ravens

Key Stat: Lance Briggs finishes the day with 12 tackles, and one sack.

Record: (6-4)

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Game Eleven: November 24th, 12 PM CT on FOX

Who: Chicago Bears At St. Louis Rams

What: The Rams have been getting tougher and tougher recently, revamping their defense, and signing Jake Long in free agency to finally protect Sam Bradford. However, as tough as they are now, the Bears are still the better team, and should come away with the victory. It will be low scoring, and in the end, the Bears’ defense will be just a little bit stouter than the Rams.

Score: Bears 13-10 Rams

Key Stat: Jay Cutler throws for 200 yards and the lone touchdown for the Bears.

Record: (7-4)


Game Twelve: December 1st, 12 PM CT on FOX

Who: Chicago Bears At Minnesota Vikings

What: At this point in time in the regular season, the Vikings and Bears will be fighting each other for a playoff spot. Minnesota will be 6-5, and right behind the Bears who will certainly be feeling the pressure. This is a must win for both teams, and will come down to who wants it more. In my opinion, Marc Trestman and the Bears will want this game more than the Vikings. Jay Cutler and Trestman need to prove themselves, and the playoffs is the only way for Cutler to get a big contract at the end of the season. In the end, the Bears will frustrate Christian Ponder, and the offense will be rolling, and the Bears will come out with a convincing win.

Score: Bears 30-16 Vikings

Key Stat: Tim Jennings picks off two Ponder passes, returning one for a touchdown.

Record: (8-4)


Game Thirteen: December 9th, 7:40 PM CT on ESPN

Who: Chicago Bears Vs. Dallas Cowboys

What: Dallas just paid Tony Romo a lot of money to lead the Cowboys to more Super Bowls, but here Romo will do what he does best, which is crack under pressure. The pressure of his contract, plus the Monday Night Football stage will allow the Bears to pick him apart, much like they did last year. Matt Forte will be active on the ground and in the passing game, scoring at will as the Bears blow out the Cowboys.

Score: Bears 33-14 Cowboys

Key Stat: Matt Forte catches 6 balls for 70 yards, and carries the ball 23 times for 130 yards, collecting 200 yards overall, and 3 total touchdowns.

Record: (9-4)


Game Fourteen: December 15th, 12 PM CT, on FOX

Who: Chicago Bears At Cleveland Browns

What: There’s not a lot to say here. Cleveland is still a very bad team, and Chicago will be on a four-game winning streak. Brandon Weeden is not the answer at quarterback, and former Bears backup Jason Campbell is definitely not either. While the Browns have improved a lot on defense, their offense will not be able to carry them to a victory over the streaking Bears.

Score: Bears 20-10 Browns

Key Stat: Henry Melton racks up two sacks, and three tackles for loss.

Record: (10-4)



Game Fifteen: December 22nd, 12 PM CT on FOX

Who: Chicago Bears At Philadelphia Eagles

What: The Eagles have a new look now with Chip Kelly as head coach. They will be moving fast on offense, and with the way Kelly has redone the players’ diets, the players will be in the best shape of their lives. I expect the Eagles to have a break out season, and be key contenders in the NFC, and they will prove to be too much for the Bears on the road. I still believe Michael Vick will be the quarterback, and his speed will be keep the Bears guessing without Brian Urlacher in the middle. I expect the Bears to score on the Eagles’ defense, but lose the game due to the Eagles new, fast paced offense.

Score: Bears 24-33 Eagles

Key Stat: Brandon Marshall catches 9 passes for 115 yards and 2 scores.

Record: (10-5)


Game Sixteen: December 29th, 12 PM CT on FOX

Who: Chicago Bears Vs. Green Bay Packers

What: I have the Packers sitting at 12-3 going into this game, and having the NFC North locked up. Because of this, I think the Packers will give their key players a bit of a rest here. The Bears will still be fighting for position, and without Charles Woodson to frustrate Jay Cutler, he will lead them to a late season win over the Packers at home. This will give the Bears momentum, and they will go into the postseason ready to compete.

Score:  Bears 24-20 Packers

Key Stat: Jay Cutler throws for 250 yards, and two touchdowns.

Record: (11-5)


So there we have it, the Bears will finish 11-5 by my predictions, and find themselves in the playoffs after missing the cut for the past two years. What will they do when that comes? Stay tuned for a full-fledged NFL predictions article, with playoff predictions and all! Thoughts, comments, or questions? Leave a comment below, and I will get back to you!


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Author: Rob Wegley

Co-Owner of The Runner Sports, Senior Editor for The Runner Sports, Writer for The Runner Sports focused on the NFL and the NBA. Located in the Chicago area. Professional journalist since 2012.

  • Guy

    These predictions are pretty much based on nothing. You just make up a score and a random stat. Really no science behind any of this. Well written though.

    • Rob Wegley

      Yep! Literally making things up! They are just my predictions, and what I think will happen. The scores and stats are things that I just throw out there for fun; and the main point of the article is to show the schedule, and what I believe will happen. Believe it or not, I went 14-2 in my predictions last year in terms of predicted outcomes! Thanks for the read and comment, Guy!

  • Dude

    pretty good, pretty good. im sorry, but i disagree and think the bears will beat the Eagles and Bengals. I also think the saints and giants game is really questionable. even i a bears fan dont know who wouldcome out a winner.

    • Rob Wegley

      Thanks for the comment! You have every right to disagree, and trust me, I want the Bears to go 15-1 as much as anyone else, and we’re all pulling for the best season possible. I just threw some curveballs in to be more realistic. But they can totally handle any of those team! Bear down!

  • Rob Wegley


    • Rob Wegley

      Damn you and your perfect grasp of my choices of vocabulary.

  • Josh Hart

    With these predictions, I really hope you don’t have the bears going too far in the playoffs. If you only win 5 games by less than 7 points, with 3 of those against less than stellar teams, I wouldn’t imagine them doing too well against some of the NFL’s best. Then again, I am a Packers fan, so I might be a bit biased, but in this conversation, who isn’t? Haha

    • Rob Wegley

      Hahaha I try as hard as I can to be unbiased. But no, I don’t see them doing a lot of damage in the playoffs. I see them getting to the 2nd round at very best unfortunately.