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Grading the Brooklyn Nets’ 2013 Draft

The Nets only had one pick in the 2013 NBA draft, and they had a bunch of options at pick 22. They opted to go with Mason Plumlee out of Duke in a move that certainly generated the most buzz in Brooklyn on draft night. (Sarcasm.) However, let’s take a look at this pick for Brooklyn, and if it works for them or not.


Pick 22: Mason Plumlee, C, Duke, Senior.


Measurements: 7′, 238 pounds, 6’11 wingspan.

2012 Statistics: 34.7 MPG, 17.1 PPG, 10 RPG, 1.4 BPG, 60% shooting.

The Nets needed to look for a wing or a big with their only pick, and they nailed it. The Nets are clearly looking to win right now, and they needed to grab an NBA ready player to come off the bench. Mason Plumlee, at 23 years old, is one of the more NBA ready players of the 2013 draft class, and will be able to provide solid minutes in a backup role behind Brook Lopez. Plumlee was probably the second most athletic big man in the draft behind Nerlens Noel, and he plays above the rim like it’s his job. The 7 footer has something necessary to play in the NBA, and that is confidence. Plumlee truly believes he is the best big in this draft class, and, though he was never a focal point at Duke, he has the ability to perform at a high level. He will not wow anyone with his rebounding, defense, or post moves, but he has a competitive fire, and the athleticism to potentially refine his offensive and defensive post game. He will throw down some dunks, hit some midrange shots, and do exactly what he’s asked as a backup big man, making this a perfect pick for Brooklyn’s situation.

Grade: A


Of course, Brooklyn also traded for Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry on draft night. They gave up a package of players centered around Gerald Wallace and 3 future first round picks. The Nets obviously feel like their window to compete for a championship is this year and the next, and their moves on draft night reflect that. I have always been a Plumlee fan, and acquiring KG and Paul Pierce while holding on to the draft pick to get the high flying 7 footer comes out as an A grade to me.

Overall Grade: A


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Author: Rob Wegley

Co-Owner of The Runner Sports, Senior Editor for The Runner Sports, Writer for The Runner Sports focused on the NFL and the NBA. Located in the Chicago area. Professional journalist since 2012.

  • Tim Balk

    Good read, although I’m not nearly so sold on Plumlee.

    • Rob Wegley

      Thanks! I just think he really fits in the situation the Nets are in. He’s NBA ready and will contribute just enough.

      • Tim Balk

        Yeah, I’m just not so sure he is that polished, having watched him the last four years at Duke. His post game is a mess and he could use some more bulk and a mid-range game. Maybe I’m just being negative (as a Nets fan), and he is super-athletic for his size, but I think his game needs some work. Hopefully you’re right!

        • Rob Wegley

          For sure his game needs some work, I just think he has the fire and desire to be the best he can be. He’s currently tearing up the Summer League (which obviously comes with a grain of salt) I sure hope I’m right, too! I’ve always respected the Nets and love that they’re getting competitive!