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Johnny Gomes: Exactly What The Doctor Ordered

When the Boston Red Sox signed outfielder Johnny Gomes to a 2 year/ $10 million deal in December of last year, they were hoping to bring on a player that rallied an A’s team into the playoffs just last year, a guy that boosts the moral of the dugout, and just overall brings a positive attitude to the sport. Not to mention through his entire career he’s always provided respectable numbers on the field.

Left field was supposed to be all his, but after a slow start, it was relinquished to Daniel Nava, who’s hot early start earned him some much deserved respect. But that left Gomes mostly under appreciated, and left to the shadows of the clubhouse aside from his days covering days off. Not exactly the kind of role he was signed to fulfill. That is until the last couple of weeks.

Up until the last two and a half weeks or so, Gomes’ presence on the field was anything but exciting for fans. His starting roles often greeted with rolling eyes, and his pinch hitting appearances with audible sighs. Then it happened, out of the blue. The Gomes the Red Sox had hoped to see finally showed up. Maybe having suffered from an extended jet lag from his return to the East coast after spending last year out West.

We’ll officially call the turning point June 15th in a game against the Baltimore Orioles. Watching the game, I remember saying verbally to my Uncle, “wow both Lackey and Gomes finally seem to have a little life to their game.” Gomes would go 2-4 with 1 HR, 1 RBI. Since then Gomes has contributed on the field, but more so there seems to be a fire around his presence.

Since June 15th Gomes has gone 12-40, with 9 RBI and 2 HR. More impressively, though, in the last seven days Gomes is 6-14 for a .429 average, with 2 RBI, 1 HR, and 3 R. Going back to June 15th, Gomes also has two walk off wins. The first coming back on June 18th against the Ray, sending a two run bomb into the seats of the Green Monster to cap off a tiring double header. The next came July 3rd against the San Diego Padres, again putting the ball to the seats on the Monster, this time in a line drive fashion.


While the numbers aren’t going to wow you, what he’s been doing as of late has fans, players, and coaches excited. He’s pumping up an already positive team, and the fact that he’s bringing another potential clutch presence to the clubhouse, only helps.

So you’ll see Gomes’ role increase a little bit, as he can fill the role in the outfield whenever needed, but don’t ever rule him out as a threat off the bench. He’s not a piece that is vital to the success of the team, but his passion and ability to fire a team up will be helpful as the Red Sox look to keep their first half success chugging along through Septemeber.

The Red Sox are continuing to win games, and as a result remain atop the AL East with a 4.5 game lead, and have the most wins in baseball, and just .5 games back of best record. After a solid home stint going 8-1, they dropped two of three to the Angels. One game slipping through their fingers after surrendering 4 runs in the 9th. They’ve got four games in Seattle, before ending their road trip with a three game series in Oakland. Then it’s a nice little break for the All Star weekend.


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Author: Tyler Arnold

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