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Grading the Dallas Mavericks’ 2013 Draft

Mark Cuban has never been shy to make moves without caring at all about what everyone else thinks. He did some more moving during the 2013 draft, moving back in the first round and picking up Miami point guard Shane Larkin, and then made a trade for the second round pick that took Providence shooting guard Ricky Ledo. Let’s take a look at what Dallas did on draft night.


Pick 18: Shane Larkin, PG, Miami, Sophomore.


Measurements: 6′, 171 pounds, 5’11 wingspan.

2012 Statistics: 36.4 MPG, 14.5 PPG, 4.6 APG, 2 SPG, 48% shooting.

The Mavericks went out and signed Jose Calderon to a four year deal to be the starting point guard, but drafted Shane Larkin looking to the future. There’s a lot to love about the athletic guard, and he’s a great floor leader. He’s incredibly quick, and showed a 44″ vertical at the combine which was unreal. He also has range on his jumper out to the 3 point line, and he has good vision. The main thing I like about Larkin is his confidence, as he believes he can do just about anything he wants to on the court. I also love his poise, as he runs an offense with confidence, setting up his teammates, and creating his own shot. While he will struggle a little bit around the rim due to his size, he’s the type of guy you want running the show for a long time. Larkin could be a very good point guard for Dallas down the line, and after he recovers from a fracture in his ankle, he will provide solid depth for a few years at the point.

Grade: A


Pick 43: Ricky Ledo, SG, Providence, Freshman.


Measurements: 6’6, 197 pounds, 6’7.25 Wingspan.

2012 Statistics: N/A

I have never been shy about loving Ricky Ledo, and I was sad I was never able to watch him play in college. However, though he never played college ball, I still had Ledo as a first round draft pick. The kid has lottery-level talent, and could score the ball at will in high school. Ledo has great handles, and could actually play some time at point guard if necessary, but he will spend most of his time at the 2. He has a super high ceiling, and if developed correctly could still turn into a scoring stud in the NBA. He can shoot lights out from everywhere on the floor, and has the ability to create his own shot, the two main things to love offensively in a shooting guard. Thanks to his ability and talent, he will stick around in this league for a while as long as he can stay out of trouble off the court. If he doesn’t pan out to be a star, and still turns out to be a good role player, the Mavericks still got a steal in the second round. If he flames out completely, there wasn’t a lot of risk invested in the 43rd overall pick, so Dallas will be okay no matter what happens. I still see Ledo becoming a good player in the NBA, so the Mavs win in my book.

Grade: A


Overall the Mavericks had a very solid draft. They took two of my favorite players who will be instrumental going forward as the Mavericks will undoubtedly have to rebuild in a few years. One thing’s for sure, I would love to see a back court of Larkin and Ledo after a few years of development for both of them.

Overall Grade: A


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Author: Rob Wegley

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