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Minnesota Vikings 2014 Seven Round Mock Draft

The Minnesota Vikings entered the 2013 NFL season with a lot of optimism. After making the playoffs in 2012 behind a monster season by Adrian Peterson, a lot of Vikings fans expected a similar, possibly even better season this year. Currently at 2-8, and with a tough schedule ahead, the possibility of finishing as a 2 or 3 win team is very possible for the Vikings. The defense has been pitiful, the quarterback situation has been rough, Minny even ranks in the second half of the league in rushing. Needless to say, Vikings fans should look forward to the 2014 draft, and here are my picks for them through all seven rounds.


The Vikings have the Seattle Seahawks 3rd round pick from the Percy Harvin trade.

I will be giving the Vikings the 2nd overall pick.


Round One: Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina, JR.


Seriously, just look at Clowney, and you can tell why he’s regarded as one of the best prospects in recent memory. I think the Jacksonville Jaguars should seriously consider drafting Clowney first overall, but their quarterback troubles are too much to pass on Teddy Bridgewater. The Vikings have been brutal in pass defense this season, and part of that comes from getting to the quarterback. Clowney is a stud pass rusher, and though his stats are down this season, it is because of how much effort and attention he commands from opposing offenses. Clowney has the Julius Peppers effect: teams have to constantly worry about him, so other pass rushers can get to the quarterback. Clowney is also great against the run, and the only real question is his work ethic, though that has improved tremendously as the year has gone on. As a once in a generation prospect, it would be hard for the Vikings to pass on Clowney here with a need at DE.

Option Two: Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon, RS SO.

Option Three: Anthony Barr, OLB, UCLA, SR.


Round Two: Ego Ferguson, DT, LSU, JR.


Continuing to beef up their defensive line, I have the Vikings drafting LSU tank Ego Ferguson in the second round. Ferguson has the frame to be an incredible run stopper in the NFL. Though he may not be the best at getting to the quarterback, he is capable, and having Jadeveon Clowney to play with would help out. A future line with Jadeveon Clowney, Ego Ferguson, Sharrif Floyd, and another solid defensive end would make the Vikings’ defensive line scary good for a long time.

Second Option: Gabe Jackson, G, Mississippi State, SR.

Third Option: Daquan Jones, DT, Penn State, SR.


Round Three: Aaron Murray, QB, Georgia, SR.


This pick could get some flak, but I say why not? Aaron Murray may be a bit small for the position, but he has been incredibly productive in college, and could possibly be able to compete for the starting quarterback spot in Minnesota. The biggest issues with Murray are size (6’1) and productivity in big games. While he does not have the size of a prototypical NFL quarterback, we have seen smaller quarterbacks succeeding recently. As for the productivity argument, most games Georgia plays are against elite collegiate competition. He has not been spectacular in some big games, but he has been productive in others. Murray could be a solid pick if he’s available at the start of the 3rd round, and I think the Vikings feel pressure and pick him here.

Second Option: David Yankey, OT/G, Stanford, SR.

Third Option: Damian Swann, CB, Georgia, JR.


Round Three (From Seattle): Craig Loston, S, LSU, SR.


Drafting multiple defenders from a top 10 defense is never a bad idea, and the Vikings have a need at safety. If you watched the Vikings game against the Chicago Bears earlier in the year, you know just how badly Minnesota needs secondary help. Loston has great ball skills and makes good plays on the ball, while also doing a solid job of coming up and stopping the run. As a great tackler with great instincts, Loston could be a steal for the Vikings at the end of the 3rd round.

Second Option: Antone Exum, CB, Virginia Tech, SR.

Third Option: Chris Watt, G, Notre Dame, SR.


Round Four: Chris Watt, G, Notre Dame, Sr.


Time to hopefully help out the offensive line. I don’t think the Vikings’ offensive line is horrendous by any means, but they could use some help. Chris Watt is a tough guy who could potentially help out immediately. He also makes good adjustments, and quickly reads defenses, rarely finding himself out of place. There’s room to improve, but Watt is already a pretty good blocker in terms of both pass protection and the run game. He would be a very solid pick in the fourth.

Second Option: Jack Mewhort, OT, Ohio State, SR.

Third Option: Dee Ford, DE, Auburn, SR.


Round Five: Jerry Attaochu, OLB, Georgia Tech, SR.


Continuing the trend of defensive help, I have the Vikings taking Jerry Attaochu in the 5th round. Attaochu could provide some needed depth for the linebackers immediately, and he has the physical tools to develop into a solid NFL linebacker. Attaochu is big and fast, making him a threat if he can improve his recognition of plays. Sometimes a little inconsistent tackling, Attaochu can still deliver some big hits. He also has pretty decent coverage skills, and that never hurts, especially for a team like Minnesota.

Option Two: Devon Kennard, DE, USC, SR.

Option Three: Ed Reynolds, S, Stanford, SR.


Round Six: Cody Hoffman, WR, BYU, SR.


The Vikings don’t really need wide receiver help, unless it’s an upper-echelon prospect, but Cody Hoffman could be a good contributor, and I don’t think the Vikings should pass on him if he’s available here. Hoffman is big (6’3) with slightly above-average speed, and there’s nothing wrong with drafting big targets. Hoffman is a big target in the red zone, and his great hands and ability to play both outside and in the slot make him that much more valuable. He is a guy that will do whatever you ask of him, and that is valuable to have on any team.

Option Two: Gabe Ikard, C, Oklahoma, SR.

Option Three: Chris Boyd, WR, Vanderbilt, JR.


Round Seven: Charles Leno, OT, Boise State, RS SR.


Leno is a solid offensive tackle, having been part of one of the better offensive lines in college football over the last three years. I think Leno will drop in the draft due to playing at a smaller school, but his talent level could see him drafted anywhere from the 5th round to the 7th. With the lack of depth the Vikings have on the line, it would be smart to grab Leno here if he is available.

Second Option: Cornelius Lucas, OT, Kansas State, SR.

Third Option: Wesley Johnson, OT, Vanderbilt, SR.


Well there are my picks for the Minnesota Vikings. I have them selecting one (1) defensive end, one (2) defensive tackle, one (3) quarterback, one (3) safety, one (4) guard, one (5) outside linebacker, one (6) wide receiver, and one (7) offensive tackle. What are your thoughts? Should they not even consider Aaron Murray? Do they need to focus more on the offensive line? Let me know in the comments!

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Author: Rob Wegley

Co-Owner of The Runner Sports, Senior Editor for The Runner Sports, Writer for The Runner Sports focused on the NFL and the NBA. Located in the Chicago area. Professional journalist since 2012.

  • John

    No running back? Toby is most likely gone, I would think we take one in the 5th-7th round

  • Paul thhs

    There should be a CB there….

  • Nathan

    I love the idea of Aaron murray in the 3rd round if hes there but I have to agree we need a backup to AP just get one in the 5 round id say…