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The Best Fish- Compiling the Best 25 Marlins

I’ve seen this idea thrown around on message boards and blogs of other teams. I haven’t seen a complete one for the Miami Marlins (or Florida Marlins, of course) so I thought I would throw my own best-fish-ever team together.


So, your best-Marlins-ever team, managed of course by Jim Leyland, with which season I would pluck from their careers to use for this experiment:



C: Charles Johnson (4.4 WAR in 1997)

1B: Miguel Cabrera (5.8 WAR in 2006)

2B: Luis Castillo (4.5 WAR in 2000)

SS: Hanley Ramirez (7.3 WAR in 2009)

3B: Mike Lowell (4.3 WAR in 2004)

LF: Cliff Floyd (6.5 WAR in 2001)

CF: Giancarlo Stanton (5.5 WAR in 2012)

RF: Gary Sheffield (6.0 WAR in 1996)



Kevin Brown (8.0 WAR in 1996)

Josh Johnson (7.2 WAR in 2010)

Dontrelle Willis (7.2 WAR in 2005)

Jose Fernandez (6.3 WAR in 2013)

Al Leiter (5.6 WAR in 1996)



Carl Pavano [Long Relief/6th Starter] (5.3 WAR in 2004)

Ryan Dempster [Long Relief] (4.2 WAR in 2000)

Mark Redman [Lefty Specialist] (3.8 WAR in 2003)

Armando Benitez [8th Inning Set Up Man] (3.4 WAR in 2004)

Chris Hammond [Second Lefty] (2.5 ERA in 1995)



Bryan Harvey (4.0 WAR in 1993)



Ivan Rodriguez [Backup Catcher] (4.4 WAR in 2003)

Dan Uggla [Pinch Hitter] (5.1 Offensive WAR in 2010)

Mark Kotsay [Fourth Outfielder] (3.9 WAR in 1998)

Juan Pierre [Fifth Outfielder/Pinch Runner] (3.9 WAR in 2004)

Edgar Renteria [Backup Infielder] (3.3 WAR in 1996)

Carlos Delgado [Pinch Hitter] (4.8 Offensive WAR in 2005)


Who would be on your best Marlins team ever? I considered just choosing the 1997 or 2003 rosters as they were since they obviously worked out quite well, but I figured this might be a little more interesting.

Author: David Marcillo

David is an English teacher in Los Angeles who spends far too much time reading, thinking, and writing about baseball. He writes about real baseball here at The Runner Sports with a heavy Miami Marlins bias. He also writes about fake baseball and is in charge of the Closer Report over at Fantasy Pros.

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