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2017 NBA Draft Lottery Results

While the Warriors, Spurs, Celtics, and Cavaliers do battle in the NBA Conference Finals, most of the rest of the league will eagerly be awaiting the bounce of some ping pong balls to determine their future in the 2017 NBA Draft. Tuesday night prior to Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals, the league’s 14 non-playoffs teams will await their chance to land a top pick, or just start the next chapter of an already in works process via the 2017 NBA Draft Lottery.

 Pick Team Odds To Win Top Pick Top-3 Pick Odds
 1 Boston Celtics 25.0% 64.3%
 2  Los Angeles Lakers 19.9% 55.8%
 3  Philadelphia 76ers 11.9% 37.8%
4  Phoenix Suns 19.9% 55.8%
5  Sacramento Kings 2.8% 9.9%
6  Orlando Magic 8.8% 29.1%
7  Minnesota Timberwolves 5.3% 18.3%
8  New York Knicks 5.3% 18.3%
9  Dallas Mavericks 1.7% 6.1%
10  Sacramento Kings (via Pelicans) 2.8% 9.9%
11  Charlotte Hornets 0.8% 2.9%
12  Detroit Pistons 0.7% 2.5%
13  Denver Nuggets 0.6% 2.2%
14  Miami Heat 0.5% 1.8%

The Boston Celtics, who head for the Eastern Conference Finals Wednesday night, will pick first overall for the first time in the modern NBA Draft. Still seeing the rewards from perhaps the greatest heist in NBA trade history, they’ll have the entire field to pick from.

The Los Angeles Lakers, meanwhile, retain their 2017 and 2019 first-round pick as they remain in the top three, even moving up a spot to draft second overall. They’re heavily tied to Lonzo Ball, but will need to wait and see what the Celtics do. Magic Johnson will look to waste little time in getting this team back to its winning ways.

The Sixers jump into the top three yet again as the process continues to run its proverbial wheels.

The big note here also that the New Orleans Pelicans lose their pick after failing to land in the top three, it will roll to the Sacramento Kings.

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Tyler Arnold

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