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2017 NHL Draft Lottery Results

With the addition of the newly coined Las Vegas Golden Knights, the 2017 NHL Draft Lottery expands to 15 teams, but otherwise will operate nearly identically to lotteries since 2013. For full odds on each team’s likeliness to land in what order, check out Tankathon’s NHL Draft Lottery tool. The Colorado Avalanche entered the night with the top odds to earn the top coveted pick, but the balls haven’t always been kind to those with such distinction. We watched the Toronto Maple Leafs retain the top pick and through the course of one season return to the playoffs behind Auston Matthews. The Knights, via expansion team designation, share the odds of the 28th-ranked Arizona Coyotes to earn that top slot.

 Pick Team Original Slot Top Pick Odds
 1 New Jersey Devils 5th 8.5
 2 Philadelphia Flyers 13th 2.2
 3 Dallas Stars 8th 5.8
4 Colorado Avalanche 1st 18.0
5 Vancouver Canucks 2nd 12.1
6 Las Vegas Golden Knights 3rd 10.3
7 Arizona Coyotes 3rd 10.3
8 Buffalo Sabres 6th 7.6
9 Detroit Red Wings 7th 6.7
10 Florida Panthers 9th 5.4
11 Los Angeles Kings 10th 4.5
12 Carolina Hurricanes 11th 3.2
13 Winnipeg Jets 12th 2.7
14 Tampa Bay Lightning 14th 1.8
15 New York Islander 15th 0.9

The balls were not kind to any of the top three teams, as all fall out of the top three, with big jumps from the Devils, Flyers, and Stars.

The Avalanche, who entered with top odds, will draw 4th in June.

Despite partaking in their first NHL Draft Lottery ever, the Red Wings found no extra love and drop two slots with the jumps of the Philly and Dallas.

Meanwhile, it was back-to-back years of falling out of the top three for the Vancouver Canucks.


The 2017 NHL Draft will take place on June 23-24 and will be preceded by the expansion draft which will be revealed on June 21.

Tyler Arnold

Tyler Arnold

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