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2017 Ohio State Buckeyes Quarterback Breakdown

J.T. Barrett has a lot to prove in his final season with the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Repeatedly, the 2016 Buckeyes received the benefit of the doubt for their inadequate offense. The Buckeyes finished 11-2 and earned a College Football Playoff berth last season. However, the Buckeyes earned a shot at the national championship despite not winning the Big Ten East. Unfortunately, the Clemson Tigers throttled the Buckeyes in their worst offensive performance in an eternity.

To be fair, the Buckeyes scored 30 or more points in nine of their 13 games last season. However, the offense was stagnant during too many instances. Running back Mike Weber thinks he knows why the offense faltered in the biggest moments.

“Yeah, last year I feel like we were a little predictable when it came to our playcalling. But this year (under new offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson) it’s more creative, it’s more different. It’s what defenses haven’t seen from us and that’s something to be excited about.”

Due to the addition of former Indiana Hoosiers’ head coach, the Buckeyes should return to the glory days of the 2014 season. Therefore, Barrett won’t have the ability to hide behind a lack of innovative play calling.  More importantly, Barrett is not one to make excuses anyway.

Ohio State Buckeyes 2017 Quarterback Breakdown

J.T. Barrett completed 233-of-379 passes for 2,555 yards last season. He also led the Buckeyes with 24 touchdown passes and seven interceptions. Barrett also scored nine rushing touchdowns last season. But there was something missing from Barrett’s repertoire. Although Barrett ran for 845 yards and 205 carries, the offense didn’t have the same punch. During his previous two years, he scored 11 touchdowns apiece.

Barrett is the clear starter and he would have to fail spectacularly to lose the starting job. Due to all the talent around campus, there’s no chance of that really happening. However, if the Buckeyes had to use a backup quarterback, they aren’t short on talent.

The Buckeyes have four quarterbacks on the current roster. Joe Burrow is the only backup with any game experience. He participated in five games last season and completed 22-of-28 passes for 226 yards and two touchdowns. Burrow also gained 58 rushing yards, adding one more score in 2016.

The battle for 3rd string quarterback should be interesting. Redshirt freshman Dwayne Haskins came to the Buckeyes as a 4-star recruit from Maryland. Haskins might be the best passer on the team. Therefore, his race with Tate Martell should be intriguing.

Martell is a 5-star recruit that never lost a game as starting quarterback. Standing at 5’11, 205 pounds, Martell is the smallest of all the Buckeyes’ quarterbacks. He may also be the most athletic of the signal callers, too. Martell most likely redshirts this season, so he can compete for the starting job next year.

Ohio State Buckeyes Quarterback Prospects

Either way you slice it, the Buckeyes are loaded at quarterback. With another 4-star prospect set to join the program next year, there’s a chance that one or more of the quarterbacks transfer in the future. However, we should remember that third string quarterback Cardale Hayes led the Buckeyes to the title in 2014. So, if the young quarterbacks have patience, their time will come to lead the Buckeyes.

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