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‘Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge’ Redefining Team Sports

Fitness is in ladies and gentleman. In our world of ever progressing ways to keep oneself engaged, stimulated, and satisfied, we’re always looking for the next “it” thing to challenge our bodies to. Whether it be the latest juice cleanse, 90-day workout plan, or maybe you’re hooked worse than a junkie on the street corner on adventure racing.

The Reebok Spartan Race has taken over, and they’re looking to change the game yet again. Continuing what appears to be a mutually lucrative deal with NBC, the Spartan Race’s latest television endeavor emphasis the team mentality. Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge pits a group of four average joes (two men and two women) with an elite Spartan veteran, where as a team, the groups must overcome some of the most daunting obstacles seen on Spartan courses, and some entirely new.

Premiering Monday, June 13, 2016, at 10 PM ET following American Ninja Warrior on NBC, six teams of five will begin their path towards a goal of $250,000, tackling physically and emotionally demanding mile long courses.

The seven-episode series will have a star-studded crew covering the races from start to finish, including former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones and MLS star Kyle Martino in the booth, and NBC anchor MJ Acosta down close and personal to the action.

Not every show will have you wishing to emulate the people on screen, although we know your dream of being a runway model dad is up there with taking the field with your favorite athletes. But if Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge doesn’t have you aching to redefine what aching means, you’re too content with living your life as you are and it’s time to do something about that.

The best part about feeling energized and up for the challenge is unlike being engorged in the unlikely idea of putting on the jersey for your favorite sports team, anybody is free to sign up and test their body and mind in a Spartan Race! Anybody can get in on the fun. Making your case to the show and getting on TV for the next installment is a completely different story, though.

Looking to prepare for your first Spartan Race, or simply just motivated by the show to turn your life around? Pre-order Spartan Fit! The 30-day gym free body and mind transformation straight from the words of Spartan Race founder Joe DeSena himself. And stay tuned with The Runner Sports, as we’ll be giving away a free race and a number of copies leading up to the launch, August 2nd.

So be sure to tune in and don’t miss a moment of the mud, obstacles, and enough motivational moments to keep you grinding through that tough work week.

Tyler Arnold

Tyler Arnold

I am the editor-in-chief of The Runner Sports. I watch more sports than is probably determined healthy and enjoy talking about them all. I am a firm believer in there being a "dropped peanut surcharge" at the ballpark when it's a good throw. Thanks for the read.
Tyler Arnold