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About Us

The sports you love, the teams you follow, we’ve got it covered. We do sports right.

Here at The Runner Sports, our goal is to bring our readers the latest, most ground-breaking, and authentically thorough stories from around the sports world.

Launched in January 2013 and based in Boston, MA, we understand the celebrated history of sports, and hope to play a key role in the future of them. We look to combine the intimacy of print media of the past, and the convenient instantaneous nature of an online media company.

We avoid having an army of writers covering the same topics, instead opting for a smaller, more personal staff of writers. Our writers, while often times deeply connected to the teams they cover, leave the fan out of the articles.

We currently have staff writers located around the country and globe, and are expanding constantly.

TRS looks to rise to the top of the sports media industry while keeping our focus on journalistic integrity.

We know our most important asset in this business is our readers, and we look to deliver a product to those readers that we can be proud of every day.

We thank you for your continued support.




Tyler Arnold