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Here at The Runner Sports, our goal is to bring you (the reader) the latest, and most ground breaking stories from around the sports world. Based out of Boston, MA we understand the celebrated history of sports and hope to play a key role in the future of them. While you may look at our staff and think we’re a pack of unqualified “bloggers” we look at ourselves, and what we are, as professionals. We don’t plan on having an army of fans posing as journalists, and everybody we employ is expected to leave the fan out of our articles so that we may bring you unbiased, professional articles. We currently have columnists located around the country and globe, and are constantly looking to expand. We hope to launch our live streaming radio in the early part of 2014, as well as a convenient to use app within the next year. We know our most important asset in this business is our readers, and we thank you for continuing to support us. In our quest to constantly improve ourselves we love to hear any comment/questions on how we can improve our quality of writing and articles. So don’t be afraid to tell us, because we won’t take it personally. Thanks for your readership.