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Boston Irish Wolfhounds High School Rugby Clinic Featuring Carlin Isles & Malon Al-Jiboori

The Boston Irish Wolfhounds, members of the USA Club Rugby Union, are proud to present their first-ever high school clinic. The event will be held at the Irish Cultural Center in Canton, MA –home pitch of the Wolfhounds– from June 26-30. The clinic will be a who’s who event in the area, providing a can’t beat staff of expected coaches and players with a tremendous opportunity to learn from some of the game’s current champions, including 2016 Olympian and “fastest man in rugby” Carlin Isles, and USA U20 and 7s breakout Malon Al-Jiboori.

The clinic will run for $400 a participant, which will include full access to the week’s events, a water bottle and t-shirt, plus lunch daily. Space is limited, so be sure to sign up for the camp as soon as possible. This is a once in a lifetime chance to have direct mentorship with the game’s best and brightest.

The days, which will begin at 830 and conclude daily at 3, will consist of lessons on the game, training and conditioning, plus skills drills, but also include workshops on concussions, nutrition, injury prevention, and time management as an athlete.
The event is being orchestrated through the efforts of Tadhg Leader, co-founder of Rugby Consulting USA, who is fresh off a DIII USA Rugby National Championship with the St. Louis Royals, and the efforts of the local club, Boston Irish Wolfhounds. Leader embodies his surname in the spirit of the game’s growth here in the United States, despite not having a home invested tie to its success nationally. Leader made his coming up with his home nation of Ireland side Connacht, as a member of their youth academy, before shifting his rugby excursion to the United States. Leader joined Lindenwood University and has been a part of the cultural shift of collegiate domination there. The Lions are fresh off men’s and women’s DIA College 7s Championships.  Tadhg spent time with the Wolfhounds prior to his jump to the Royals. He’ll be the week’s head coach and head organizer in what will be a star-studded lineup.

The clinic will also feature a pair of USA 7s stars as Carlin Isles and Malon Al-Jiboori will be key coaches. Isles, dubbed the fastest man in rugby, will bring a storied path of professional knowledge. The ex-Detroit Lions WR turned Rugby Sevens legend has seen the game mature right along with him, and knows exactly the work required to succeed at the top level of the sport. An ankle injury nearly derailed his Olympic dream a year ago, but ultimately went on to become an integral part of the Eagles’ exciting, albeit ultimately underperforming run in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Isles will be running a daily speed session, and while he might be hard to catch on the pitch, he’s made quite the name for himself in his coaching ability. A chance to learn the magic that makes the fastest man run is can’t miss stuff.

Al-Jiboori, an alumnus of the Lindenwood pipeline himself, has earned his mettle through the tasking climb up the more and more challengings and talented pool USA Rugby has to offer. Al-Jiboori is a USA Rugby high school and collegiate All-American, and U20 standout, which included a role on the U20 roster that finished 5th in last year’s World Rugby U20 Trophy; Al-Jiboori had a try in a narrow 32-30 win over Uruguay in that 5th place game. Al-Jiboori has found a liking with the men’s 7s roster, making the 2017 Las Vegas tournament as his first roster as the 13th-man injury replacement; a role he’d repeat in the next two legs of the World Sevens Series (Vancouver & Hong Kong). Although limited to an injury replacement role, the faith his coaches appear to have instilled in him points to a promising future not too in the distance for the 20-year-old.

Malon lives and works with the USA Rugby squads in San Diego and should look to crack a more consistent role with the men’s 7s side as early as this next series, which of course leads into the 2018 Rugby World Cup Sevens. That first-hand insight into the jump from the youth squads to the national side no doubt a great benefit to a young hopeful.

There will also be a number of New England’s top collegiate rugby coaches in attendance, as well. Including:

Not only will these coaches be there to impart their knowledge of the game and next level of competition for many of the participants, they’ll in fact be scouting the talent to a degree. These programs do not receive traditional scouting funding like some of the other sports, and as a result, cherish an opportunity like this to see the local talent on one pitch and talk to kids about their futures playing rugby.

There’s never been a better time to be a rugby player in this country, as the pipeline of talent gets more and more refined with each passing year as the sport grows domestically. Collegiate rugby is the next step, and as the coaches at hand will all say, it’s absolutely a place where you can begin your career path as a rugby player.

This is a great opportunity for kids aged 12-18 to soak in some summer sweat with New England and USA’s best at hand for their betterment. A coming together of the local rugby community for the game’s future. What more could you ask for?

For all inquires about the clinic, please feel free to reach out to the head organizer, Tadhg Leader:

Phone – 339-309-8695

Email –

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