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Brock Osweiler Headlines Potential Roster Cuts

The NFL season is almost here, which means that roster cut downs will be taking place. Unlike previous years, each team has to cut their teams down from 90 to 53 instead of tiered breakdowns. This poses quite a challenge in that a mass of bodies will hit the market at the exact same time while preventing other teams from picking and choosing potential additions. So far, there have been quite a few surprises taking place in trades (Vance McDonald to Pittsburgh) and injuries (Julian Edelman to IR), but there are even more to come.

Considering the sheer amount of potential cuts next week, it’s very likely that some bigger names will be listed. Some will be surprises based on contract while others will be caused by injuries. So who could be a surprise cut?

Brock Osweiler – Cleveland Browns

Whether he gets traded or cut, it sure seems that Brock is heading for the streets. DeShone Kizer is already the starter heading into Week 1, and Cody Kessler is a capable backup. Osweiler, on the other hand, hasn’t done a darn thing since joining Cleveland. In two preseason games, Osweiler has completed 12 of 22 passes (54.5%) for 67 yards and one interception. Basically, he recreated his stats from Houston. Both Kessler and Kizer have played much better with the same playing time, so why would Cleveland keep him around?

Of course, the main issue with Osweiler getting cut is that “little” $16 million cap hit. The Browns are actively shopping the big guy around, but what team is actually going to take on that contract? Honestly, it’s far more likely that the Browns will just take the hit and cut Osweiler.

Markus Wheaton – Chicago Bears

Yes, Markus Wheaton did just sign a two-year, $11 million contract with $6 million guaranteed, which seemingly locks in his roster spot. However, he hasn’t played in any preseason games and only recently started practicing after an Appendectomy. Injuries have always been Wheaton’s issue as he only played in two full seasons. Sure, the former Steeler has speed for days and could create matchup nightmares for NFC North defenses, but his lack of availability could cause the Bears brass to reevaluate his position with the team. Ultimately, whether Wheaton gets cut boils down to the other receivers on the roster, but it is possible.

Kellen Moore – Dallas Cowboys

This is more of a shot in the dark, but Kellen Moore has to be looking over his shoulder. In three preseason outings, the former Boise State star has completed 54.2% of his passes for 392 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. Moore has also lost one of the more wild fumbles. Undrafted rookie Cooper Rush, on the other hand, has been downright impressive. The former Central Michigan standout has completed 74.5% of his passes for 398 yards with six touchdowns and one lost fumble. Of the two potential backups to Dak Prescott, Rush has been much better. Interestingly enough, both Moore and Rush have subpar arm s–by NFL standards– but Rush has made the most of his talents.

Kellen Clemens – Los Angeles Chargers

Speaking of backup quarterbacks, there is another Kellen that could see his time cut short. Kellen Clemens has been Philip Rivers’ backup for three straight years, which is quite a relaxing gig considering that Rivers doesn’t miss time. However, Clemens hasn’t always inspired confidence with his preseason play, and this season is no different. So far, Clemens has completed 14 of his 27 attempted passes for 199 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions. Not fantastic numbers, especially if you listened to Dan Fouts talk about Clemens.

So who could take Clemens’ spot?

The day before training camp, the Chargers traded for Bills backup and former Ohio State QB, Cardale Jones. The move, although surprising at first, actually made sense considering that Jones has a big arm and a proven track record. And sure, Jones hasn’t exactly impressed during the preseason (18-37 for 185 yards and two interceptions), but he’s also learning his third offense as a pro. The important takeaway is that Jones has considerably more upside than Clemens and seems less likely to tank the Chargers season if Rivers goes down.

Plus, Clemens is only on a one-year, $1 million salary and has virtually no cap hit.



Obviously, there will be many more roster cuts next weekend. Will one of these names be on that list?

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