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The Buffalo Sabres Last Line of Defense

The net-minder for the Buffalo Sabres. He could also be the craziest person in the National Hockey League. The goalie never backs down from a challenge and often times initiates them. Go ahead and Google his name, and I guarantee a picture with a psychopathic stare will pop up. He is Robin Lehner.

Lehner was acquired during the former General Manager Tim Murray’s tenure. He was traded to the Buffalo Sabres in 2015 along with David Legwand from the Ottawa Senators in exchange for the 21st overall pick in that year’s NHL Entry Draft. That pick would be Colin White. Also, Tim Murray is the nephew of former Ottawa Senators General Manager Bryan Murray.

He has a temper that contradicts his Swedish origin. Swedes are known for being easygoing and calm. However, for having such a hostile temper, Lehner has only been in two fights. One on the AHL and one on the OHL (Ontario Hockey League). That doesn’t mean he hasn’t come close to having his first NHL bout. He just needs to find the right partner to go with him. Someone may be out there; maybe Ray Emery will return to the NHL! Buffalo Sabres games can turn into must-see TV if the game gets out of hand. You’re not exactly sure what Lehner is capable of doing.

The Sabres and Lehner were prepared to do battle over his latest contract. Lehner filed for arbitration on July 5th, along with two others. However, the showdown never took place. The Sabres locked up Lehner for another year at the cost of four million dollars.

The deal works on many fronts for both the Sabres and Lehner. For Lehner, it is a short term deal where he can see where the Sabres are heading. For the Sabres, it is a short term deal to see if Lehner can prove himself to the new management. If he can’t the Sabres can easily move on with no damage.

One thing is for certain, there is never a dull moment when Lehner is on the ice and that is guaranteed for at least another year.

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