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The Bulls And Carmelo Anthony?

With the Chicago Bulls now heading into the off-season, they gave Chicago fans a little hope by showing that they were capable of playing playoff basketball. The Bulls this season have been nothing short of a roller coaster ride, but in the end they seemed to get back on track. With the injury to Rajon Rondo we really don’t know how far his team could’ve progressed in the playoffs, and that’s the most curious part about this summer.  Between this year’s NBA draft and free agency, Chicago has an opportunity to add to the progress they displayed by season’s end and in the first two games of the Boston series.

The surprise move that the Chicago Bulls might try to pull off this summer could be to possibly add the New York Knicks’ disgruntled star, Carmelo Anthony.  While there is nothing concrete about this opinion, I figured that we can’t exactly rule out the possibility, because it seems that Anthony’s days in New York are highly numbered and he could be dealt as soon as this year’s NBA draft.  So when I look at this situation and the unexpected playoff run Chicago had before the injury, adding a player of Carmelo’s caliber could be something the Bulls could really look into and here’s why.

The Chicago Bulls don’t seem overly eager to add multiple players this off-season. It seems highly likely that they are going to bring back both Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade, and the organization still seems committed to Jimmy Butler being the franchise player.  As I mentioned before, the Bulls’ season was really up and down with them finishing just 41-41, squeaking into the playoffs.  However, they showed that when the playoffs arrived they were a different team.  That surprising playoff run showed the Bulls’ potential when fully healthy, and even when going against the number one seed in the conference, they looked formidable. Adding a couple of pieces here and there could be what the Bulls need next season to possibly take things to another level, and with Carmelo Anthony possibly waiving his no-trade clause, it seems like it could be a good fit for him.

Part of the reason I feel like this is because Carmelo could look back at when he was a free agent, and the Chicago Bulls were heavy favorites to recruit him then.  Of course we know he ended up staying in New York instead, and we see that after many team struggles, despite personal good seasons for him. Anthony getting a second chance to join Chicago could be something that he takes into account.  This time around, instead of Derrick Rose not trying to recruit new talent, you have Dwyane Wade who is an expert at getting talents to join his team.  Wade signing with the Bulls not only meant they get his basketball talents, but they also get his ability to recruit players to make his team better. At this point, Carmelo Anthony seems like someone that would love to play with one of his oldest friends before he retires, especially if it means he will be able to win like he wants.

Anthony getting a chance to play with a rising star in Jimmy Butler, champions in Rondo and Wade, and an improving young bench is something that could be very difficult for him to turn away from.  He would still reside in the eastern conference, giving him the best chance to possibly reach his first NBA finals, and with him knowing he will have to go through LeBron James to achieve the greatness he seeks, teaming up with this unpredictable Bulls team could be his best shot.
This is a type of situation that can most definitely help both parties involved.  The Bulls adding a scorer as good as Carmelo is the type of move that could give Chicago an unexpected edge over many teams simply because of the difficulty of guarding so many threats at once.

I’m not entirely sure what the Knicks would ask for in return in this trade, but I don’t expect it to be too much.  Seeing as how Phil Jackson seems to just want Carmelo Anthony out of town at whatever cost, the Bulls could take advantage of the Knicks’ eagerness to move on from Carmelo and trade away as least as possible.  A team with Jimmy Butler, Dwyane Wade, Rajon Rondo, and Carmelo Anthony is a dangerous one, and based off how well the Bulls finished the season and started the playoffs, a move like this could be what’s needed to shake up the NBA for the better.

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