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Bulls Draft Prospect: OG Anunoby

With the NBA Draft later this evening, the Chicago Bulls have the 16th pick and officially start the process of improving their 41-41 product as a team.  The 2017 NBA Draft is shown to be a very deep one and because of that very fact, teams are making trades and decisions in a much more creative fashion due to the talent.  The Bulls haven’t made any trades yet, but they do have a good chance to grab some players with decent upside this year.  The first prospect I believe the Bulls should take a chance on is the sophomore Indiana product, OG Anunoby.  ‘

The Bulls are in need of a young impact player with good potential, and I believe he definitely fits that need.  Anunoby is 6’8 with a 7’2 wingspan (possibly longer) and 8’11 standing reach.  For a player at the small forward position, he has the versatility to play and guard 3-4 different positions in certain small-ball situations, and the Bulls could use a player with that type of upside.  He is listed at 232 lbs and in terms of athleticism, if he were to get drafted by Chicago, he would easily be the most athletic player on the team, trailing behind only Jimmy Butler. Even those two could become a debate sooner than expected.

When it comes to Anunoby’s offense, he has shown flashes of becoming quite serviceable.  Due to his physical measurements and elite athleticism, he has the potential to become a reliable scorer. He’s shown the ability to hit the catch and shoot 3 when needed, even though he had a down year shooting from 3 this year at 31%. In his two years at Indiana he shot a career 37% from 3, so even though he isn’t consistent, he can still become a potential threat from the perimeter if teams dare him to shoot.

OG Anunoby plays with an aggressive nature and has an explosive impact on the game at times, and the Bulls have been lacking that type of competitive nature and impact from their young guys.  He did tear his ACL earlier in the year so many teams will be wary about taking a chance on him, but assuming he comes back fully healthy and hungrier than ever, he could be a possible steal in this draft, and the Bulls could definitely luck up with this one.

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