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Should Dallas Look To Replace Jason Garrett In 2016?


The Dallas Cowboys have gone through a roller coaster of a season. After a 2-0 start including a miraculous last second victory against the Giants in week 1 and a relatively easy win against the Eagles in week 2, the Cowboys now stand at 3-8 and last place in the NFC East. Of course, a big part this collapse is due to injuries, in particular to starting quarterback Tony Romo. Romo missed a total of 7 games, in which the Cowboys lost all 7 during that stretch. Is losing your quarterback enough of an excuse to lose 7 games in a row?

While everyone will point to Romo’s injury as an excuse, Jason Garrett should be receiving his fair share of criticism. Although I don’t believe the team was lacking effort in these 7 weeks, many teams can manage to get by with backup quarterbacks. When you look at Matt Hasselbeck in Indianapolis, Brock Osweiler in Denver, and even a combination of Mike Vick and Landry Jones in Pittsburgh, teams get by with backup quarterbacks. Had the Cowboys won just one or two games during that stretch, they would have been in position to make a run at the NFC East title and a playoff berth.

The Cowboys were out coached in many situations this season. While Romo makes up for a lot of this with his own magic, the mundane coaching of Garrett was put on display when Romo was out. Garrett has taken full accountability for his team’s letdown, but that isn’t good enough. After three 8-8 seasons in Garrett’s first three years as head coach, he finally brought the Cowboys to the playoffs with a 12-4 record last season. Is that enough of a pass to excuse going 0-7 during the 8 weeks Romo was on IR? I believe it’s not. While good head coaches are hard to find in the NFL, the Cowboys should explore all their options this offseason, and not feel like they should be tied down to Garrett.  If the opportunity is not there for Dallas, it’s not the worst thing to give him one more chance, but by no means should Garrett be a lock to keep his job as head coach in 2016.

Troy Altbaum

Lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan. Student at Rowan University. Follow me for the latest Dallas Cowboys and NFL Draft analysis @troyalt38