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Dwyane Wade’s Chicago Legacy

With the Chicago Bulls now free falling out of the playoff picture and seemingly heading to the lottery this summer, the franchise is almost guaranteed to make significant changes this off-season.  Dwyane Wade’s recent elbow injury has ended his season with the Bulls barring a miracle playoff push, in which we might see Wade return to action.
Since the situation has been so dire since Wade’s arrival, there is a chance that Wade may have played his last game in a Bulls uniform in general.  Dwyane Wade can choose to opt out after this season, and since the organization seems confused about the team’s future, there is a good chance he might leave.  So with that being the potential situation at hand, I am going to talk about Wade’s overall impact for the team, and the possibility of him leaving the Chicago Bulls.
When you look at the season up until this point, for the most part, Wade gave this Bulls team exactly what it needed.  When you look at last year’s team and previous Bulls teams led by Derrick Rose, they always lacked another playmaker and reliable scorer.  Though Wade wasn’t the best fit because of the team’s overall makeup, he still brought some star power and confidence to a team that desperately needed it at the time.  Dwyane Wade showed on numerous occasions that when it was time for a big play or big shot, he along with Jimmy Butler, often came through in almost impossible situations.
If the opposing team would go on a run or the Bulls offense was stagnant, as it often has been this season, Wade always seemed to be able to hit a timely midrange jump shot or make the correct pass in order to get the team out of whatever slump they found themselves in.  When you average 19 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, and 2 steals for the season, you are automatically a huge part of whatever team you play on; and for a team like Chicago, those stats are a blessing to have.  The construction of the current roster was so poorly put together that most people could easily take everything Wade did for granted.  In the early parts of the season and halfway through, Wade, and more importantly Butler, often suffered from the lack of spacing and creativity on offense.
Despite the challenges Wade and the rest of the team had because of questionable coaching and management, Wade’s purpose on the team never wavered.  He was brought in to help improve the team’s production, possibly help recruit free agents, and maybe most importantly, to teach Jimmy how to be the star he wanted to be.  For the most part, Wade easily succeeded in his quest to help his hometown team produce and succeed.
The reason I said for the most part, is because it’s not like he always played perfect.  There were numerous times this season when Wade took plays off on defense, and in some cases, his lack of effort was simply inexcusable.  Of course, the other incident that kind of made his transition to the Bulls a rocky one was when he and Butler called their teammates out pretty much in front of the world.
At the time when it all first happened, it was a tactic that I understood and it was a good and bad thing it happened the way it did.  It was a risky play because this was mainly addressed to the younger guys and this could have easily split the team. When the two stars sided with one another, everyone else was left to defend themselves, and actions like that can easily cause tension among an already struggling team.
On the other side, I can understand the good that calling out their teammates did.  Wade and Butler voicing their frustration also brought a couple things to light.  The younger players started to play a lot better than they were when the incident first occurred, but it hasn’t been enough due to lack of experience and talent.  The other bright side to this incident was that it showed how dysfunctional and confused the Bulls organization really is, and their mismanagement of the team got exposed to a certain degree when Wade, Butler, and even Rondo spoke out on the state of the team.
Dwyane Wade has only been here for one season and unfortunately, it looks like his injury cut the finish of the season short for him.  So when it comes to possibly wanting him to return, I wouldn’t mind the idea because he covered a lot of needs for the Bulls and produced a ton, all things considering.  If I’m looking at the Bulls being good and talented long-term, however, Wade not coming back could be the best option for financial reasons.  If he does decide stay, though, he could play a huge part in getting better players to join during free agency, but based off how his season ended and how the team greatly underachieved, unless the Bulls make a miracle run and somehow make the playoffs to convince Wade to stay, there is a high chance that we have indeed seen Dwyane Wade’s first and last season as a Chicago Bull.

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