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Fred Hoiberg’s New Situation

With Fred Hoiberg now entering his third year as the Chicago Bulls head coach, it’s fair to say he has seen a good amount of turmoil and confusion in his first two seasons, and this offseason was no exception.  Hoiberg went from coaching a team full of veterans with a few young players to now coaching a team completely composed of young players, mostly 2-3 years removed from college. Fred Hoiberg has been an average coach in terms of record and ability to win games, but for the next couple of years going forward, his record will plummet significantly due to the rebuilding process the Bulls are about to undergo. I say all of this to point to the fact that even though Hoiberg hasn’t been very good so far in term of success, he was able to work with what his employers gave him.

The Chicago Bulls’ front office did Hoiberg no justice by giving him a roster that could not play the style he wanted to play. Despite being put in a situation to either fail or succeed very little, he went from missing the playoffs completely his rookie year as coach, to barely making the playoffs and almost upsetting the second best team in the East, the Boston Celtics, a year ago. He also had to deal with dysfunctional lockerrooms, egos, and a front office that seemingly had no direction and was just floating through the wind. Entering his third year, things seem to be a lot more stable now that the noise has calmed down.

Hoiberg now has a team that he can actually coach, because these players could very well still be playing in college right now, and I think that is the type of environment Hoiberg would feel most comfortable in as of now. There shouldn’t be any ego problems seeing as how none of the players have proved anything in the league so far. The most important factor of all of this is that Fred Hoiberg can finally implement his fast-paced, space the floor type style of play, because for once, he has the right type of players that fit.  Even though these next few years will be pretty rough from a record standpoint, this time will be valuable when it comes to the development of the young players and even Fred Hoiberg himself. If the Bulls can get lucky during this rebuilding process, they won’t be at the bottom of this weak Eastern Conference for long.  If the development of the young players turns out well, and the Bulls land a couple of top 5, maybe top 3 prospects over the next two seasons, you can consider the rebuild a success. If they can land a big free agent around the third year of this rebuilding process, not only would the rebuild make huge progress, but the Bulls could find themselves seriously contending if the Eastern Conference remains as weak as it is.

This would all revolve around luck and how the rest of the NBA is operating in terms of storylines, but Fred Hoiberg could find his stride sooner than later starting with this year. With a couple years left on his contract, Hoiberg is going to need all the luck and development he could ask for as he continues to find his place in the NBA as a head coach.

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