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Glory 38 Chicago Sets The Second City Ablaze

Greetings fight freaks, Glory 38 Chicago takes place Friday, February 24 at the Sears Centre Arena. The Glory Kickboxing promotion is coming off of a successful event in January and they are looking to maintain the momentum started in the beginning of the year with this action packed fight card. Glory 38 will air live at 10:30 pm ET on ESPN 3 while Glory Super Fight Series will air live at 7:00 pm ET on UFC Fight Pass.

If you have been living under a rock for the past few years and are unaware, Glory pits the top stand up fighters in the world against each other under a rule set that favors non-stop action and flashy techniques. No clinching or elbows strikes allows these thoroughbred athletes to string together devastating combinations while always looking for the knockout blow. What makes kickboxing so exciting is the ability for fighters to stand in a range that allows for kicks and punches without the fear of being taken down or clinched. Glory has also embraced the brutally exciting tournament featured in each event that calls for fighters to progress through a tournament style bracket that may see one warrior fight three times in a night! The winner of this one-night tournament is awarded prize money and usually fast-tracked to a title fight in their respective weight class.

Now allow me to highlight some must watch fights that will take place Friday evening. The main event sees a trilogy fight between two heated rivals with a win apiece in their previous two meetings. Artem Vakhitov and Saulo Cavalari have unfinished business and one man will look to close the book on this rivalry once and for all. Cavalari will attempt to take the title away from Vakhitov in the light heavyweight championship bout that is slated for five three-minute rounds. An exciting matchup in which both fighters hold bad blood against each other. There is no better storyline than two fighters embarking on a trilogy fight for the Glory light heavyweight title. Considering their previous meetings, this fight should have fireworks from start to finish. Look for Vakhitov to keep Cavalari out of punching range with heavy leg and body kicks. If the Russian can do this for 2-3 rounds he may then be able to move into punching range and land a knockout blow to Cavalari.

The second fight to keep an eye on and probably the one that could have the most devastating knockout is a super fight between welterweight contender Merthal “Predator” Groenhart and the Thai Terminator simply known as Thongchai. A fitting alias for the young Thai who at only 21 years of age has over 170 fights. Thongchai, a large imposing figure, has the never retreating, unflinching Terminator style. Just ask Casey Greene who got put to sleep by “Tong Po” Thongchai with a right hook in the Thai’s Glory debut. Before Greonhart shaved off his dreadlocks he was kickboxing’s predator. In 1987 “Predator” terrified moviegoers; Groenhart strikes the same fear into the hearts of his opponents. A highlight reel of flying knee knockouts belongs to Merthal and watch for him to land one of those on the button flying knees Friday night. This will be a war of will between two fighters looking to smash their way into welterweight title contention. These 80s movie villains are set to put on a fight of the night type performance and one that is not to be missed in Chicago.

Trust me when I tell you, “Skip the movies Friday night…It’s Time For Glory.”

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