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Title NCAA Conference Football Writer
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Here at The Runner Sports, we are currently looking for motivated, knowledgeable writers interested in becoming writers for specific NCAA college football conferences. As a writer for The Runner Sports, you would be given an increasingly popular platform to unleash your sports knowledge upon the world. As a perk, all writer positions are paid based on the amount of views your articles generate, so all the hard work you put in does not go for naught.

As a writer for The Runner Sports, you would be considered a free lance employee, meaning that additionally to the work you contribute to our website, you are allowed to contribute to other companies from all mediums as well. The plan would be to eventually bring team writers on as a full-time employees at some point in the future. The candidate we are looking for is somebody who understands this opportunity to break into the industry and would truly appreciate it, somebody who can and is willing to commit as much time as possible to articles and other content for the site, and somebody who can work independently with a sense of initiative, knowing what needs to get done without constant supervision.

As a team writer, your success is largely determined by your commitment to frequently and consistently put out quality content, and help market your portion of the site. If you’re interested in pursuing a position please email our editing staff a bit about yourself, which team you would like to cover, and your experience-if any. You will then be directed to a password protected job application page. All applicants are welcome! If you have any additional questions you may also direct those to our editorial staff.

Please email us at with all inquiries. Thank you.

NCAA college football writing jobs available:

  • AAC
  • ACC
  • Big 12
  • Big 10
  • Conference USA
  • Independents
  • Mid-American
  • Mountain West
  • Pac-12
  • SEC
  • Sun Belt
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