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Leicester City Given Golden Ticket Following Tottenham Draw

You know a club is getting close to clinching a title when they have a larger lead than the number of remaining matches.  For the first time in the real life fairy tale that is the Leicester City season, that scenario has become a distinct possibility.

Coming into the weekend, Leicester City had a healthy five-point lead in the Premier League table with seven matches to play.  They also had the advantage of playing on Sunday and kicking their feet up to watch their primary challengers take the field.

With Leicester City sitting back, Anfield was the stage that had every Premier League fan’s eyes glued to their screens.  Yes, Liverpool have had somewhat of a rocky season to this point, sitting a disappointing midtable, but their home stadium has always been a difficult assignment for away clubs.

To spice up the fixture to an even higher degree Liverpool and Tottenham play very similar styles.  Every player on the field this day would be mobile and a very willing pressure.

This extreme pressing style prevented the match from every really capturing a flow.  Up and down the field at hyper speed both teams flew without much care for connecting passes or establishing a rhythm.  In the first half, Liverpool was dangerously walking a tightrope of their own making as both Simon Mignolet and Mamadou Sakho were competing to make the first error that led to a goal.

It seemed as if the best opportunities that came from either side was when they were pushing high up the field defensively to force a turnover.  Neither club could maintain possession of the ball long enough to form any kind of build up and the best chances came when only a few passes were required.

Then in the second half, the intensity was ratcheted up even further as Philippe Coutinho decided he was tired of setting up teammates who weren’t capable of finished off chances and took the scoring burden onto his diminutive Brazilian shoulders.  He neatly combined with Sturridge, one of the aforementioned teammates who couldn’t score, to coolly slot home a side-footed shot past previous world beating goalkeeper Hugo Lloris.

Suddenly, Leicester City fans were seeing visions of glory as with a loss by Tottenham, combined with their club winning would have seen the gap extend to eight.

It wasn’t to be however as Premier League leading goal scorer, Harry Kane wasn’t going to let his club go down so easily.  Kane scored what is becoming the typical goal for him as he took a pass with the touch of an expert just a few yards out and diagonal to the goal.  Then with a blend of power and precision, shrugged off Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren, who had been having a wonderful match, to place a perfect shot into the corner of the goal.

Like that Tottenham were back into the match and with that the flying tackles and choppy play only increased.  Somehow, neither club was able to score, largely due to some last second tackles and saves on both ends.

By the full-time whistle, the scoreline remained unchanged seeing Tottenham drop two vital points in their hunt for a title.  This was always going to be a difficult chore for Tottenham and perhaps getting a single point would have been sufficient in normal circumstances, but when you are chasing a title at the tail end of a season, all three points are absolutely needed.

Leicester City now goes into their Sunday matchup with Southampton with a slight cushion to work with, knowing that a win would give needed wiggle room considering how high the pressure will be ramped up down the stretch.  Now Leicester City can celebrate, for tomorrow they are afforded the opportunity to go seven points up with only six matches to play.

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