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Bulls Draft Prospect: Jarrett Allen

Jarrett Allen, the freshman from Texas, is another intriguing prospect to consider as an option if the Chicago Bulls choose to go the big man route. He is a 6’11 big with an incredible 7’5 wingspan, along with an athletic ability that allows him to play over his defender and above the rim. As I mentioned in the OG Anunoby article, the 2017 NBA Draft is deep with talent and taking a chance on the multiple players available will be the main focus of many teams who need the talent boost.

Allen was a good finisher off the pick and roll action, using his rolling ability to set himself up for potential offensive rebound opportunities and dunks at the rim.  His defense is something interesting, because he definitely has to get stronger in the post to avoid getting pushed around by stronger players.  With that being the case, however, what he lacks in strength he makes up for with his length. His presence will bother many slashers, altering their shots almost automatically.  When looking at the Bulls’ situation with big men, Cristiano Felicio lacks the size that Allen has and he is also a free agent.  Robin Lopez was definitely the Bulls’ most consistent player on both sides of the ball doing all of the dirty work, but Allen can defend the pick and roll better than Lopez because he has the mobility along with elite physical tools to cover a lot of ground.

Jarrett Allen’s potential will also weigh heavily on if he will be able to hit midrange jumpers consistently like Robin Lopez can, and if he will eventually be able to stretch his shot out to the three-point line to further his potential.  Even if Allen doesn’t become the offensive force down low he could potentially be, he can still serve a purpose on the defensive end once he gets stronger and more aggressive down low.  He is capable of hitting hook shots and running hooks because of his soft touch and size as a big man, so his offensive ceiling just might be higher than most anticipate.

The Bulls need to use this year’s draft to take some chances on a couple of picks instead of playing it safe, drafting older players with limited ceilings.  Allen is definitely a prospect that is a project, but with the right veterans around him to teach him, he could contribute sooner than later.

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