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Patriots Deservedly Lose Ugly To Chiefs

Well, kill all the way premature 16-0 talk for the New England Patriots. They couldn’t even go 1-0. Heck, they couldn’t do anything right in their season opener Thursday.

The Pats pride themselves on discipline and players doing their job. Neither happened tonight. The offense constantly shot itself in the foot with several small mistakes that would eventually bury them. The defense blew multiple assignments even before Dont’a Hightower left the game. And the special teams unit was anything but special.

Let’s call it what it is folks, the Pats got whooped, plain and simple.

I’m not about to bury the Pats just yet. Anyone who would bury them after a single bad game has clearly still yet to learn that betting against Brady and Belichick is not a smart move. but it’s clear there is major work to do.

The Good

It’s hard to find anything particularly good for the Patriots tonight. The best thing I can say is that the defense before Hightower went down played pretty well, minus a couple of blown assignments. Even if they did give up 14 first half points, I thought it was more a case of the Chiefs’ offense simply outplaying the Pats’ defense than the defense being bad.

Mike Gillislee also played well, scoring 3 rushing TDs. But the caveat there being he also got stuffed multiple times on 4th-and-less-than-1 situations.

The Bad

Pretty much everything. Name anything you were worried about when it came to the Patriots entering this game and odds are it happened.

The pass rush was non-existent.

Danny Amendola and Hightower got hurt.

Tom Brady played horribly and looked out of sync with both Rob Gronkowski and Brandin Cooks

The relatively new group of special teams players made several mistakes.

What’s Next

The Pats play in New Orleans next. And while the Saints haven’t had a winning season in years, expecting to just march into New Orleans and win is no guarantee. The Patriots will have to play much better to win. And knowing Brady and Belichick, I expect just that to happen.

Phong Ta

Phong Ta

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Phong Ta