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Timberwolves Make Official Offer For Kyrie Irving

The Timberwolves are serious about adding Kyrie Irving to the roster and have made an offer to the Cleveland Cavaliers for their dynamic point guard according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. The Wolves are among five other teams ( Spurs, Clippers, Suns, Knicks, and Heat) to have made offers. Naturally, the asking price for Kyrie is elevated for two main reasons. New Cleveland general manager Koby Altman wants to “win” his first big trade to demonstrate to owner Dan Gilbert and the wider front office community that he was the right choice and losing your all-star point guard for peanuts is not the best way to endear yourself to the Cleveland fans.

According to Woj, the Cavaliers are seeking a return package similar to the 2011 Knicks-Nuggets deal where the Nuggets fleeced the Knicks by sending Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks while getting a mind-blowing package of promising young players, future draft picks and seasoned veteran players. The rest of the league is not willing to pay that price for Kyrie right now and wants to use the Wolves-Bulls trade for Jimmy Butler as the textbook for how this trade is going to play out.

While the details of what the Wolves have offered for Kyrie Irving has not been publicised it is likely to be one of the following two packages for Irving.

Package one (The Low-ball offer)

Wolves send : Tyus Jones (PG) Gorgui Dieng (PF) and Nemanja Bjelica (PF) and a future protected first round pick

Cavaliers send : Kyrie Irving

This would be an excellent trade for the Wolves as they would not part with any of their promising superstar players and in exchange get one of the most prolific scorers the league. While this looks like a bad trade for the Cavaliers, a deeper look reveals that there are components of this trade that works for them. They acquire players who are on long term contracts that are at market value and in Dieng have a defensive big man with a mid range jumper. If the league is following the textbook which got Butler to Minnesota than this package rightfully reflects this.

Package two ( The Big offer)

Wolves send: Andrew Wiggins (SG),Gorgui Dieng (PF) and Nemanja Bjelica (PF)

Cavaliers send: Kyrie Irving (PG), Iman Shumpert (SG), Kay Felder (PG)

This package would be an excellent coup for the Cavaliers as they would be able to present to the Cleveland fans a promising player in Wiggins who has legitimate upside as well as two solid rotation pieces. The Wolves would get their man plus a decent bench scorer in Iman Shumpert. For me, this is probably overpaying for a bad defensive point guard who only wants to score, but acquiring Kyrie is almost as much a business decision rather than a basketball decision.

Kyrie Irving is a superstar and that matters

The mere fact that Kyrie Irving is a global superstar recognisable in almost every country in the world makes the trade a business decision. The Wolves are a small market team who have not made the playoffs in 14 years and last year recorded the second worst attendance of all teams in the league. Jimmy Butler helps to put bums on seats but pairing him with Kyrie transforms the Wolves from a cute up-and-coming team to legitimate contenders in a blink of the eye. Target centre would be sold out every night, merchandise would be sold at an alarming rate and Wolves games would be nationally televised. This leads to more revenue which makes the Owner Glen Taylor more money and this is an important factor in these negotiations.

In addition to the money aspect of the trade, it is important to note that Kyrie and Butler are very close friends who have on more than one occasion have expressed a desire to play together. This bromance developed from their Team USA days where they realised they both have that winning mindset which drives them to work hard until they are the best version of themselves. If Butler expresses privately to the front office that he wants Kyrie in Minnesota at any price the likelihood of Kyrie in Minneapolis will be even more likely.

It is almost surreal to see Minnesota as a destination where free agents willingly want to play and this is a tribute to the culture and promising young players the Wolves have at their disposal. Adding Kyrie Irving to this juggernaut would be the final proof for the naysayers that the Wolves are legitimate. After 14 years in the wilderness, the Wolves are ready to hunt.



Mustafa Noor

Mustafa Noor

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