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Rick Smith: Deshaun Watson Will Compete For Starting QB Spot

What a difference on week makes in the NFL.

Last Thursday, the Houston Texans traded up to select Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson with the 12th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. At the time, GM Rick Smith made it “very clear” that Tom Savage would remain the starter heading into the season. Watson would be his backup and would spend time on the bench learning how to play in the pros.

Well, Smith expressed different views during an interview with ESPN, stating that Watson would be part of the competition.

“We want to provide a competitive environment across the board. So (Watson will) compete,” Smith said to ESPN. “(But) like I said, we feel good about Tom and his abilities to manage the offense. But yeah, (Watson) will come in, and just like every other guy on the roster, he’ll have time to play.”

There are two main factors in play during this statement. First off, Smith referred to Savage’s ability to manage the game. That’s never a good sign for any incumbent. Second, saying Watson will compete is only one more step toward the inevitable offseason storyline.

Said team drafts a high-profile quarterback and reiterates that the existing starter will remain at the helm of the offense. The young gunslinger from college shows a little zip during preseason and training camp. The cycle completes with the veteran being relegated to the bench.

Given Tom Savage’s injury history, there was a chance that Watson would see the field at some point, but the move will most likely happen sooner rather than later. The only factor preventing Watson from landing the starting gig by week three is an absolutely astounding start to the season by Savage.

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