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Rob Gronkowski Has Exactly 420 Catches And 69 TDs From Tom Brady

The NFL has been a wild and whacky place four weeks into the season. Drew Brees’ prolific offense has been a shell of its former self. The Rams actually look like a potential Wild Card team. The Bills have beaten the Falcons and Broncos and lead the AFC East.

The New England Patriots have also been in a bit of a funk to start the season, with famed defensive mastermind Bill Belichick’s defenses having been shredded on a regular basis.

But despite this the stars still aligned for star TE Rob Gronkowski, who according to a post from the official Patriots’ Facebook page, has caught exactly 420 passes and 69 TDs from QB Tom Brady (he actually has 425 career catches and 70 career TDs, but the rest are not from Brady). Certainly very fitting numbers for the NFL’s most famous party animal.

The storybook connection continues to hit new strides as well, as the Gronkowski just surpassed Wes Welker’s high standard of most catching yards from Brady hitting 6,338 careers yards Sunday.

The NFL is an unpredictable place. But sometimes, things break just the right way for everybody. And this is certainly one of the best examples of just that.

Phong Ta

Phong Ta

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