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Should The Bulls Trade Jimmy Butler? (Vol 2)

With another NBA season almost in the books, we have yet another year of Jimmy Butler being involved in trade rumors. There is no secret that the Chicago Bulls have been nothing short of a mess since the season started, and now the Bulls are now faced with a huge trade deadline decision.

If the Bulls organization decide to trade Butler to the rumored Boston Celtics, it would mean that the franchise is ready to rebuild their team from scratch and figure out the type of team they want to be for years to come. Of course, the other route the Bulls could take is to keep Butler on the roster, maybe trade some other pieces to add around him, and see what you can do better in terms of improving as a team. If I had to pick which scenario I think is best for the team, it would be to keep him on the roster and see what you can put around him.

The reason I think he should be kept on the team is because when you have a young star that is starting to make a name for himself, you have to do what must be done for that emerging star to continue his growth process. The Bulls organization has been under much scrutiny this season, and trading their best player would do nothing but anger the fans even more. The people know that if Butler gets dealt, that the Bulls could be a bad team for a couple years as they wait for their talent to develop. Even then, it wouldn’t mean that it was worth it in the end. Butler has expressed his love for Chicago for quite some time, and now that he is finding his place as a star in this league, the main focus should be on who to put around Jimmy, and to realize what his presence in Chicago could mean later on.

Butler has shown on numerous occasion this year that he is not afraid of the moment. He and Dwyane Wade have become the undeniable leaders late in games, and Butler is slowly becoming the type of closer that good teams need and yearn for. Getting players that can shoot, defend, and just perform their role consistently, in general, is what the Bulls should be trying to surround Butler with.

I find this to be an easier task to figure out than trying to build a team from scratch, mainly because the organization has done nothing to convince the people of Chicago that the right moves would be made to make their risk a success. Evidence of this points back at the current roster they gave Fred Hoiberg to work with. Despite most players on the team not being the type players Hoiberg needs to run his style, the Bulls are only one game under .500 at 28-29. The team has looked far worse than their record would indicate, but there have been times the team has looked a lot better as well, and that is largely due to Jimmy Butler and his efforts.

When you have a player that wants to win and takes it upon himself to make the necessary plays happen, you add around that. When your best player has a mentor in Dwyane Wade who wants to lead and guide the team to winning habits, you add around that.

Butler being on this team means more than just having good stats and him having unbelievable performances. His growing stardom also means that other top level talent could possibility join him at any point and change the tipping scales in the east. Dwyane has admitted on different occasions that Butler is a huge reason why he chose to play in Chicago. He always gives credit to the fact that playing for his home team was a dream of his, but he also mentions wanting to help Jimmy become a great player and acknowledges that Jimmy is indeed their franchise player.

Not many predicted Wade going to Chicago, but with him here, the Bulls have two players that could lure other talent to the team in order to improve the roster dramatically. If the Bulls were to trade Butler, none of this would seem likely at all. With Butler gone, you would now have a younger roster who is going to need time to figure themselves out; AKA a lot of losing.

Dwyane Wade would most likely opt out of his contract to join a better situation than the Bulls’ rebuild process. The biggest repercussion, however, would be a Chicago fan base that’s so fed up with management, that the Bulls’ ratings and ticket sales would start to plummet.

Trading some of the other players they have currently would be a start to build around Butler going forward, but seeing as how the Bulls as a team don’t have that much to give away, there is a chance they might just make minor moves at the deadline and wait until the offseason to make some key additions.

The Bulls should hold on to Butler as long as they can, because regardless of the struggles they have had this season, Butler is not the problem with this team. As a whole, there are a lot of things you can question when it comes to Chicago’s lineup and coaching strategy game to game. Trading Butler won’t solve problems that don’t involve the players, and management is getting closer and closer to having to make decisions that will not only impact their jobs, but the state of the franchise in general.

The trade deadline is going to be the preview of the Bulls and their direction as a team, and we will all find out if their future plans involve Jimmy Butler, or if a new group of talent is looking to build an identity as a team.

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