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Should The Patriots Sign Jason McCourty?

I know the world hates when you point out grays instead of taking a side on any issue, but that is what I’m going to do here. I think the Patriots would be wise to sign soon to be released CB Jason McCourty, but only at the right price.

First off, allow me to say why I think the Patriots should proceed with caution and only sign him at a certain price point. My first big reason is that despite being squarely in his prime (McCourty is 29), being signed to a reasonable contract for a starting CB ($7 million base salary in 2017) and the Titans’ glaring need for CB help, they still released McCourty. That is a BIG red flag in and of itself.

There has also been a bit of a recent injury history with the guy, as he has missed 14 games over the last two years. Now obviously there are a lot of factors that go into a player being injured, most of all luck, but that is yet another factor that must be accounted for in an attempt to sign the veteran CB.

That being said, despite McCourty’s recent decline in play from a capable CB1 to more of a CB2 caliber player (Pro Football Focus ranked McCourty 55th out of 111 CBs with a grade of 74.1 in 2016), he is indeed still a starter in this league. And you can never have too many CBs.

Signing McCourty would also give the Patriots more flexibility in terms of being able to trade CB Malcolm Butler if they so choose in order to recoup some of the draft capital they lost when trading for WR Brandin Cooks and DE Kony Ealy; the Pats are currently without a 1st or 2nd-round pick in the upcoming draft.

He would also be a nice short-term pickup for a team seeking to maximize its current championship window with a 4-year-old Tom Brady whether he plays as a CB2 in a scenario where the Pats trade Butler or as a 3rd CB behind Gilmore and Butler, with needed veteran experience to help teach the younger players in the secondary.

In signing Jason McCourty there is certainly some risk stemming from his recent injury history and decline in play. That being said, however, if the Patriots can sign him to a relatively low-cost contract, I think he would be more than worth the gamble.

Phong Ta

Phong Ta

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