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Spurs’ Off-Season Priorities Wish List

It’s Christmas time in the NBA.

No, not the weird jersey, Finals-rematch, why-are-the-Knicks-playing Christmas time.

It’s more like Christmas time in the way Christmas feels when you’re a kid. It is the Christmas time of the offseason. The excitement that comes with changes in the wind. ‘Tis the season for the potential of the unknown, and swirling rumors of what ‘might be’ under that tree come next year.

If it’s Christmas time, that means it’s also wish list time. Time to scribble your heart’s desires on loose-leaf paper and put them in the mailbox addressed to the North Pole.

So what’s on the San Antonio Spurs’ off-season priorities wish list?

Keep Patty Mills At (Almost) Any Cost

In the age of small ball and Death Lineups, Patty Mills could do a lot of modern franchises a lot of good.

That doesn’t mean the Spurs should sell the farm for Mills to renew his contract; maybe more like rent out a generous square-footage of the farm to retain him.

This topic most definitely deserves its own column, but the main point here is that any value Mr. Towel Waver could offer another team, is value the Spurs would be giving up by letting him walk.

Find Pau Gasol A Magical Defense Genie

…And make him rub the genie’s belly to acquire the ability to recover on a pick-and-roll.

Gasol’s coming back for another year, so the Spurs might as well conjure up some magic so he doesn’t get stuck in the mud so much when the Spurs’ entire defensive scheme relies upon crispness of rotation and recovery.

Stuff Dejounte Murray Into Kawhi Leonard’s Suitcase And Send Them Off To Train Together

Well, looks like this one is already happening.

Must have been a huge suitcase, Murray’s got some serious wingspan. I hope he likes San Diego as much as the Spurs like his point guard potential.

Kawhi Leonard worked out with Kobe Bryant a few summers ago to improve his footwork and post game among other things, and Leonard’s numbers indicate something Kobe told him that summer worked. So in a way, Dejounte Murray is being trained by Kobe Bryant. Spurs fans should be very excited about this one.

Convince Chris Paul To Take The Veteran’s Minimum For A Chance To Be A Spur And Out-Super Team The Super Team

Yeah, right. But a man can dream.

Because if there was ever an organization who could figure out a way to have their cake and eat it too, it would be the Spurs.

It’s too bad this cake is adorned with gold and jewels and costs as much as Gregg Popovich’s wine cellar collection.

Make Davis Bertans Watch Dr. Strange

If you haven’t seen Dr. Strange yet, go watch it. It’s on Netflix, and it’s about as trippy a superhero movie as you’ll ever see. It’s also packed with pop culture jokes, and really, the only way to accurately describe it to someone is by saying ‘ it’s a good ol’ time at movies.’ Because it really is.

In the movie, Dr. Strange (who’s actually a doctor, and actually named ‘Strange’) loses the use of his hands in a car accident, and it ruins his life, because he’s a surgeon at a hospital and needs his hands, and even if he wasn’t a surgeon, most people use their hands rather often. He feels useless, with nowhere to go for love or help or any semblance of a normal life after the accident.

Like any good superhero-in-the-making, Strange heads to Nepal to join a secret magical society and heal his weak and shaky hands. Along the way, he also discovers how to bend and control time. But the story at its core is about confidence, finding your way, and embracing your fears to conquer them and become the master of your own destiny.

If Bertans continues to grow into a nice stretch 5, he could take that famous Spurs bench depth to a whole new level. He is a combination of Matt Bonner and Kristaps Porzingis, and all he needs to do is watch Dr. Strange, and take control of his situation to understand that he, too, can take control of his own destiny.

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