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Texans Scout Attends Oregon State Pro Day

Draft preparation is in full swing at colleges across the nation.

Friday morning, 24 of the 32 NFL scouts headed to Corvallis, Oregon to watch the Oregon State’s Pro Day. The majority were in attendance to see Sean Harlow, Victor Bolden Jr., and Treston Decoud after appearances at the NFL Scouting Combine, but they were treated to a workout from 15 draft-eligible players.

The Houston Texans were one of the teams represented as they sent a college scout to OSU’s Pro Day. I attempted to get an interview with the scout to discuss the players, but he said that the Texans have rules against scouts providing interviews. Because of this, I will refrain from using his name. I will, however, shed some light on the players that he paid special attention to.

This Texans scout started his day by tracking the split times on the 40-yard dashes while a Bucs scout tracked the official final times. After the dashes and shuttle runs, he peeled off to the stands to sit with the other scouts and watch the individual drills, starting with the defensive backs. The scout paid close attention to this section, watching the two defensive backs go through “W” drills and work on backpedaling. The big name that he watched was Treston Decoud, a corner that will most likely transition to safety in the pros. Decoud has the size to match up with bigger receivers and the tackling ability to stop runners in the box, so he could be a possible replacement for Quintin Demps. Plus, he’s a very aggressive player.

After the DB’s went through their paces, the offensive linemen hit the field. The scout was on hand for this sequence, keeping an eye on the players. The Beavers have three linemen that are draft eligible in Sean Harlow, Dustin Stanton, and Gavin Andrews. All three lineman have played multiple games at tackle, but they are best suited for center or guard based on their size and arm length. The Texans also need offensive line depth after injuries struck the unit in 2016, so it makes sense that the scout was paying attention.

The interesting thing is that he was less attentive to the players on the field once the linebackers and running backs/wide receivers hit the field. Yes, he still watched the drills, but the scout was simultaneously working on his notes and chatting with the Bills’ scout. It was a big difference from when he was focused 100% on the previous position groups.

Oregon State is obviously a lower-profile school this year, and most of their draft-eligible players will be invited to camps as free agents. Decoud and Harlow could get picked on the third day, but that’s still in question. It is interesting to see that the Texans scout was more focused on defensive backs and offensive linemen. We will see if this research holds true when the NFL Draft airs on April 27-29.

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