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Tom Brady VS The Madden Curse

Tom Brady has proven to many after winning his 5th Super Bowl title last season that he is indeed the best QB of all-time. But now The GOAT has a brand new set of doubters to conquer, those of a more superstitious nature. It’s finally time for Tom Brady VS The Madden Curse.

The Contenders

Tom Brady

You all know Tom Brady at this point.

-5x Super Bowl Champion

-2x MVP

-12x Pro Bowler

-2x 1st Team All-Pro

-Author of the greatest comeback in NFL history

-Currently ranked 4th All-Time in Career Passing Yards, Passing TDs and 3rd All-Time in Passer Rating

-Millionaire married to an even richer millionaire supermodel wife

-The one man capable of giving Father Time the cold shoulder

Basically Tom Brady wins at life. But he has never met a foe quite like this.

The Madden Curse

While “The Madden Curse” has indeed been thwarted more often in recent years as five of the last six players to grace the cover of it from 2011-16 were named a Pro Bowler or All-Pro, it has also still shown how scary it can be as well. Just take a look at last year’s cover man, Rob Gronkowski, who was limited to just eight games in 2016.

Not to mention that even from 2011-16 The Curse still had some effect on the players.

Drew Brees (2010): While he did make the Pro Bowl this season, he also had a career high in interceptions with 22 after being the cover man, and then also got knocked out of the playoffs in the 1st round by a 7-9 Seahawks squad.

Calvin Johnson (2011): Obviously we’ll remember that he broke the record for receiving yards in a single season with 1964, but did you know he only had 5 TDs? Just imagine how much greater his season would look in hindsight if he had reached the double digit TD plateau, which he got surprisingly close to doing as he was tackled eight times within the 5-yard line, including an incredibly unlucky five times at the 1. Oh yeah, he also tied a career high in fumbles with three.

Peyton Hillis (2012): 2012 was the beginning of the end for Hillis, as after having a breakout 2011, where he had gained over 1600 total yards and scored 13 total TDs, injuries and inconsistent play would leave him a one year wonder.

Adrian Peterson (2013):  While Peterson still played very well in being named to the Pro Bowl, his stats did drop across the board from his historic 2012 season, when he became a member of the exclusive 2000 yard rusher club and he also missed two games as well.

Richard Sherman (2014): Sherman played incredibly well yet again being named to his 2nd straight 1st Team All-Pro, but he did record a then career low 4 ints, a still career low 11 passes defensed, and was also part of the Seahawks team that fell victim to the first ever SB comeback by a team down by 10+ in the 4th quarter when they lost to the Patriots in SB 49.

Odell Beckham Jr (2015): Beckham continued to play well on an individual level, recording career highs in both yards and TDs, but team success continued to elude the young receiver, as the Giants missed the playoffs for the 5th year in a row.

So while The Madden Curse has not been as terrifying in recent years, even despite the Gronk injury, it very much still brought some amount of bad luck to the unfortunate player who was chosen as the cover man, be it personally or on a team level. And as we all know at this point, for the Pats it’s Super Bowl or bust.


Who To Bet On

Look, The Madden Curse has seemingly had some victims in the past, but Tom Brady continues to defy all expectations for athletes his age. When he should be declining at this stage of his career, he only seems to get better, improving his deep ball accuracy and pocket movement in recent years. Luck is something you make for yourself, not the other way around. But hey, if you don’t believe me, why not ask Brady himself?

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