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Trader Bill Strikes Again: Brissett Out, Dorsett In

The Patriots are a team well known for wheeling and dealing in the Belichick era, but this year things have really gone into overdrive. After several trades earlier this offseason, Belichick is taking another swing of the bat by trading for former Colts WR Phillip Dorsett for third string, 2nd year QB Jacoby Brissett.

It’s sad to see Brissett go, particularly after an impressive outing by the young backup against the Giants in Week 4 of the preseason, but barring injury to both Brady and Garapollo, it was highly unlikely he was ever going to see the field this season, so it’s understandable why he was traded while his value was high.

Meanwhile, Dorsett potentially fills two different need for the Pats in a single player. With both Julian Edelman and Cyrus Jones out for the season, there was a need for a receiver/returner – a role Dorsett was expected to fill for the Colts when he was originally drafted 29th overall by Indianapolis. However, things have not gone as planned for Dorsett, and now he finds himself in a relatively low level trade just before final camp cuts. That being said, the Patriots and Belichick have made gold from another team’s castoffs before. And Dorsett is still early on in his NFL career. There is a chance yet for him to tap his unfulfilled potential with the team.

This move could also be seen as an indicator that the Patriots were not comfortable increasing Amendola’s role in a significant way, for fear of injury. With both Edelman and Jones out, it was likely Amendola’s workload was going to have to increase considerably, thereby increasing his chance for injury. Now with Dorsett in the fold there won’t be as much urgency to do so, which should hopefully leave Amendola healthy and ready to contribute in a big way come crunch time in January.

Who knows if things will go well for Dorsett here. He’s coming in on short notice into a notoriously complicated offense. But with injuries comes opportunity for other players, and with Dorsett’s triple threat of being able to play both inside and outside as a receiver and return kicks, he’ll surely be given every opportunity to succeed in New England.

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Phong Ta

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