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Welcome to The Runner Sports MLB Power Rankings.

Here at TRS, we like to do things a little bit differently; so instead of reading power rankings from 300 different writers, or worse, just one single ranking, we do all the hard work and bring you the best power ranking possible. We average out the rankings of all of the MLB writers on staff here, to find out who truly stands above the others, and consolidate them into one ranking for your ease.

Be sure to check out a little bit of reasoning from the writers below the rankings, and see where they ranked teams, and why.

Also, be sure to check back, as this power ranking will be updated every Monday throughout the season.

2016 Final:

Rank Team Record Change
1 Chicago Cubs 103-58
2  Texas Rangers 95-67 +1
3  Washington Nationals 95-67 +2
4  Cleveland Indians 94-67
5  Boston Red Sox 93-69 -3
6  Los Angeles Dodgers 91-71
7  Toronto Blue Jays 89-73
8 Baltimore Orioles 89-73
9  New York Mets 87-75 +1
10  San Francisco Giants 87-75 +3
11  St. Louis Cardinals 86-76 +3
12 Seattle Mariners 86-76 -1
13 Detroit Tigers 86-75 -4
14 New York Yankees 84-78 +2
15  Houston Astros 84-78 -3
16  Kansas City Royals 81-81 -1
17 Miami Marlins 79-82
18  Pittsburgh Pirates 78-83
19  Chicago White Sox 78-84
20 Colorado Rockies 75-87
21  Los Angeles Angels 74-88 +2
22 Milwaukee Brewers 73-89 -1
23  Arizona Diamondbacks 69-93 +4
24  Philadelphia Phillies 71-91 -2
25  Oakland A’s 69-93
26  Tampa Bay Rays 68-94 +2
27  Cincinnati Reds 68-94 -3
28 Atlanta Braves 68-93 +1
29  San Diego Padres 68-94 -3
30  Minnesota Twins 59-103


Brad Kyle – Baltimore Orioles (7th)

Baltimore held their ground the final week of regular season, and proceeded to clinch the final AL Wild Card spot, Sunday, in their 162nd game. Beating the Yankees, 5-2, in New York for the clincher. Finishing with a 7-3 record for their final 10, the Orioles now head across the border for a one game Wild Card playoff with Toronto, Tuesday. Baltimore was 9-10 against the Blue Jays, overall, this season, but won just 4 of 10 in Toronto. A bird will emerge victorious; the fun will be in watching the feathers fly.

Nello Rubio- Chicago White Sox (19th)

The Chicago White Sox had one of the biggest MLB Power Ranking falls from the beginning of the year to today’s final rankings. Starting as high as #2 before dropping all the way to 19 to end the year. The Sox started the season red-hot at 23-10, six games ahead of the eventual American League Central champion Cleveland Indians, and with one of the best records in all of baseball. Largely due to a combination of injuries, not finishing close games they should’ve won, poor mismanagement from Robin Ventura, as well as one of the worst division records in all of the Majors resulted in the Sox ending up finishing fourth in the division and eight games under .500. Ventura’s long overdo resignation is just the first part of what should be a pretty interesting offseason; one that could see many changes for the South Siders.