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Welcome to The Runner Sports NHL Power Rankings.

Here at TRS, we like to do things a little bit differently; so instead of reading power rankings from 300 different writers, or worse, just one single ranking, we do all the hard work and bring you the best power ranking possible. We average out the rankings of all of the NHL writers on staff here, to find out who truly stands above the others.

Be sure to check out a little bit of reasoning from the writers below the rankings, and see where they ranked teams, and why.

Also, be sure to check back, as this power ranking will be updated every Monday throughout the season.

Week 27:

Rank Team Record Change
1 Washington Capitals 56-18-8
2  Dallas Stars 50-23-9 +1
3  St. Louis Blues  49-24-9 +1
4  Pittsburgh Penguins  48-26-8 -2
5  Anaheim Ducks 46-25-11 +1
6  Florida Panthers 47-26-9 +1
7  Chicago Blackhawks  47-26-9 -2
8  New York Rangers 46-27-9 +3
9  Los Angeles Kings 48-28-6 -1
10  New York Islanders  45-27-10 +3
11  San Jose Sharks 46-30-6 -1
12  Philadelphia Flyers  41-27-14 +2
13  Tampa Bay Lightning  46-31-5 -4
14 Nashville Predators 41-27-14 -2
15  Detroit Red Wings 41-30-11
16  Minnesota Wild 38-33-11 +1
17  Boston Bruins 42-31-9 -1
18  Ottawa Seantors 38-35-9 +4
19  Carolina Hurricanes 35-31-16 -1
20  New Jersey Devils 38-36-8 -1
21  Buffalo Sabres  35-36-11 +2
22  Montreal Canadiens 38-38-6 +2
23  Colorado Avalanche 39-39-4 -3
24  Arizona Coyotes 35-39-8 -3
25  Winnipeg Jets 35-39-8 +2
26  Calgary Flames 35-40-7 -1
27  Columbus Blue Jackets  34-40-8 +1
28 Vancouver Canucks 31-38-13 -2
29  Edmonton Oilers 31-43-8 +1
30  Toronto Maple Leafs 29-42-11 -1


Andrew Markowitz- Washington Capitals – 1st

The Capitals had a bit of a rough patch over the last few weeks of the season but they will still enter the playoffs as the top seed in the Eastern Conference. Braden Holtby capped a stellar season with his league-leading 48th win over the St.Louis Blues to tie Martin Brodeur’s record for wins in a single season. Alex Ovechkin put together another 50-goal season and has been red-hot lately which will be a key component of Washington’s offense when they open their first-round series at home against the rough-and-tough Philadelphia Flyers.

Tyler Arnold- Philadelphia Flyers – 13th

What could have been a tense weekend turned into an easy affair for the Philadelphia Flyers. Needing just one point to secure a playoff spot after watching the Boston Bruins get eviscerated by the Seantors, the Flyers came out and won both their weekend games to punch their ticket. They’ll have a tough first-round matchup with the Capitals, but could have some surprises up their sleeves for the Presidents’ Trophy winners.