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Twins Hit Six Homers, Top A’s 9-1

On Tuesday night, Ervin Santana threw six shutout innings and allowed only three hits. His ERA sits at 0.66 on the season, the best in the majors. He has also has given up fewer hits, sixteen, than any other pitcher who has thrown at least twenty-four innings.

But that’s boring.

The Minnesota Twins hit six home runs last night. On the way to their 9-1 victory over Oakland in the series opener, the Twins hitters managed to overshadow Santana’s amazing start. Averaging 421.5 feet per home run, the Twins hit the most homers they have ever hit in a Target Field game. With so many great shots in the game, it is tough to decide which home run was the best. Well, I’ve ranked them for you.

6. Brian Dozier (Part 1)

A scoreless game in the third inning became a 1-0 Twins lead after Dozier unleashed a home run that looked just like most of his 42 from last season. According to ESPN’s Home Run Tracker, it was the shortest of the six homers, at 382 feet.

5. Joe Mauer

Mauer hit his first home run of the year on a classic Mauer swing. He drove one to the left-center field gap that just cleared the fence. Usually, swings like this end as a double for Mauer, but he just elevated a little bit more for a two-run homer. It is surprising that we have not seen more homers like this from Joe, but maybe this is the start of a trend. I have this as the fifth best of the night, only because it didn’t hit the moon on its flight path. I do hope it has more significance than some of the others and serves as a turning point in Mauer’s season. This could be the swing he needs to put his career-worst April behind him and put up some big numbers.

4. Jason Castro

Poor Jason Castro. He hit his third homer of the season in this game. A 427-foot home run off the batter’s eye in centerfield that would have been the best home run in any other game. Just listen to the call of the Fox Sports North crew in the video. They are too busy talking about Miguel Sanó’s long ball from the previous inning to be impressed. Give it another try tonight, Castro, then we might take notice.

3. Brian Dozier (Part 2)

In a deviation from his usual approach, Brian Dozier took his second homer of the game to straight away centerfield. It traveled a few feet shorter than Castro’s, but it was the second of both a multi-homer game and a back-to-back home run pair. This is the first time this year the Twins have had consecutive homers, and the first two home run game for a Twin this season.

2. Byron Buxton

Much like Joe Mauer, Byron Buxton hit his first home run of the season in this game. He is also looking to put a bad April behind him, and looks to be on the right path. According to ESPN, this was the hardest hit of all six homers, which is apparent from how quickly it gets to the second deck. It is great to see Buxton hit one out, but more importantly, it is great to see him hit one as hard as he did. Solid contact like that shows he has a better feel for pitches coming his way and the confidence to do something with them. Also, you can’t have back-to-back home runs if you don’t hit one to begin with. It’s just too bad Eddie Rosario was caught stealing on the previous pitch, because this game would have ended 10-1.

1. Miguel Sanó

In the least surprising fact of this article, Miguel Sanó hit the best home run of the night. It is the longest of the year for Minnesota and one of the longest in Target Field history, though there is some debate over who holds the true record. Even if it was not the longest, there is no debate that Sanó is really strong. With swings like that, Sanó is bringing a gun to a sword fight. Also, I’m really liking his home run celebration: two taps of his right biceps and a tip of his cap.

With six swings like these, who needs the best pitcher in the majors?

Charlie Gillmer

Charlie Gillmer

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