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US DomiNATION 51-34

Don’t let the score fool you, this match was never really in question.

The big question is have the Eagles started to figure it out? Has the skill finally caught up with their blend of power and speed? Two Shaun Davies cross-field kicks in successive weeks? A Mike Te’o try on a grubber kick and chase? Is this greatness looming? Ok. It is Brazil and Canada but the Eagles looked good…at times scary good…and still have tons of room to improve.

Over pursuit on defense cost the US two long tries by Canadian Top 14 winger Taylor Paris; momentum killers slowed the US pace, stymieing the Eagles’ attack, and penalties the Canadians converted into points kept Canada in the game.

Make no mistake, the Eagles kept the Canucks in this match but credit Canada for capitalizing on those mistakes. The Canadians appeared on their heels most of the match. Despite a couple of instances of advantageous counterattack, the Canadians never seemed to be doing anything but playing catch up.

The Eagles are on the edge of becoming a dangerous rugby squad, not because of the flash, because of the little things they’ve starting to do right. Sharp passes, flatter attack, holding positions on defense, but it’s the lapses in discipline that continue to plague them. Against a chippy Chilean team, they will need to maintain their poise or cards will fly.

Canada remains at a crossroads, they seem uninspired and, well, dull. Their attack was easily countered by athleticism, not structure. Their defense looked sluggish, not tired…slow. Slow to recover, slow to the ball, slow to adjust. I know there are issues going on within Rugby Canada, if they don’t fix them the Canucks will continue their slide toward mediocrity.



-By Jason Graves