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Week 2 College Football Playoff Rankings

The second edition of the College Football Playoff rankings were released on Tuesday night. For the second week in a row, the No. 3 Michigan Wolverines stayed in the top 4. Meanwhile, the No. 5 Ohio State Buckeyes moved up one spot after their annihilation of the No. 19 Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Last week, the Big Ten earned four teams in the top 10. This week, they also garnered four teams. However, the Huskers dropped nine spots after their loss to the Buckeyes. The No. 7 Wisconsin Badgers held steady in their rise, while No. 10 Penn State joined the elite party Tuesday night.

There was a chance that Ohio State would move into the Final Four, but they were held off by the Washington Huskies. Currently, there are four undefeated teams in the College Football Playoff rankings top 4. However, a legitimate case can be made for the Buckeyes.

Their 62-3 win over Nebraska is one of the most impressive victories of all time. Unfortunately, the Buckeyes already have a loss to Penn State. Yet, the selection committee displayed a distrust for the Huskies last week. Although the undefeated Huskies were rolling, the Texas A&M Aggies earned a top 4 spot. Due to the Aggies’ loss on Saturday, there was a thought the Buckeyes could claim a College Football Playoff berth. Nope.

Currently, there are four undefeated teams and four two-loss teams in the top 10. Along with the Buckeyes, the No. 6 Louisville Cardinals have a single loss this season. Due to a plethora of two-loss teams vying for conference championships, there’s a real possibility of a huge shakeup in the final week of the College Football Playoff Rankings.

College Football Playoff Rankings

1. Alabama

2. Clemson

3. Michigan

4. Washington

5. Ohio State

6. Louisville

7. Wisconsin 

8. Texas A&M

9. Auburn

10. Penn State

11. Oklahoma

12. Colorado

13. Oklahoma State

14. Virginia Tech

15. Utah

16.  West Virginia

17. North Carolina

18. Florida State

19. Nebraska

20. USC

21. Western Michigan

22. Boise State

23. Washington State

24. LSU

25. Arkansas

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Lyle Harrison
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